What do I need to know about the 'Project Wall'?


What do I need to know about the 'Project Wall'?


  • One of the greatest benefits of Brightidea Innovation's Suite is keeping the updates of an idea's progress to all users.  
  • Once an idea proceeds into Pipeline and becomes a Project... it inhibits its own "project page" where users can get up to date information regarding its changes and new announcements, much like a person's Facebook page.




  • Any user can "follow" a project with this page via Pipeline by selecting "Follow" or "Unfollow" this project on the far left underneath the project image.
  • The project wall contains:
    • Updates made to the project
    • Option to Follow and Unfollow (so users can receive updates)
    • View who is involved with the project (Project owner and team members)
    • Hyperlink to Project page in Pipeline
    • Make updates or comments on updates

Other Things to Note:

  • Administrators can control which information is fed to the project wall.
  • To edit the feed material, navigate to the project, and select "Options" on the left hand panel or on the far bottom corner
  • Here, the administrator can add or remove attributes to the public activity feed such as:
    • Wall Posts
    • Milestone Posts
    • Investment Posts
    • Projection Posts
    • Audit Posts
    • Saving Posts
    • To-Do Posts
    • Related Proposals Posts
  • As of now, there is no out of the box way to jump from one project wall to the next, we would love to see some type of feature that does it. 
  • Linked proposals do not show on the project wall. 
  • It shows in the project for the project owner and/or system administrators in Pipeline.
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