How do I add / change statuses for my Projects?


How do I add / change statuses for my Projects?


  • To add new statuses to the Pipeline project, conduct the following:
    • Navigate to Pipeline Setup ---> Project ---> Statuses
    • The administrator can do simple add, edit, and delete of all the statuses there for the Pipeline projects.
  • To update the project followers', the project owner and/or system administrator can easily change the core/main status of the project
  • The statuses are reflected in the Pipeline grid, as well as the project info tab.
  • For the sole project, the project owner and/or the system administrator can change the status for the project right within the info tab of the project:
  • For all projects, the system administrator can do the above workflow and/or change the status from the Pipeline grid actions menu:


  • The change will be reflected in both Pipeline, reports, and on the project updates / wall. 
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