Everything You Need to Know about Project Management 'Milestones'!

Everything You Need to Know about Project Management 'Milestones'!


Incorporating key milestones to Pipeline projects could not be easier!  Milestones are benchmarks for each Pipeline project created.  Leverage these milestones to have a gauge in what progress the project has made.  This will allow project owners to delegate bigger progress among their team.  Here is what all project owners need to know regarding milestones within projects:

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Creating Milestones

  • As an administrator, to add a milestone to the project, conduct the following:
    • Navigate to your project in Pipeline
    • Select "Milestones" sub-tab
    • The project owner, team member and/or system administrator must add the following to the milestone:
      • Milestone Title
      • Milestone Description
      • Milestone Date
  • When finished, select "Create Milestone"

Editing / Deleting Milestones

  • Navigating to the 'Milestones' sub-tab will allow the user to edit a milestone.
    • The user can edit the title and/or description of a milestone by right-clicking on the milestone line and select "Edit Milestone".
    • Milestone can also be deleted with the same right-click menu or by clicking the red 'X' at the end of the milestone line.
    • The Project Owner / Administrator can also mark a milestone 'important' by clicking on the exclamation point.

Associating To-Do's with a Milestone

  • For each milestone, there could be many to-do's before the milestone is considered complete.
  • In order to associate To-Do items with a specific milestone, first select an individual milestone then drag a To-Do from the right-hand side to the bottom To-Do panel.
  • This will associate a specific To-Do with the Milestone



Marking a Milestone Complete

  • Once all the underlying to-do's for the milestone are complete and/or if the project team member / administrator wishes to check off a milestone as complete - they can do so.
  • To mark a milestone complete - navigate to the 'Milestones' subtab for the project, right click on the milestone and select "Mark as Complete".
  • Once the milestone is completed, it is reflected in the milestone list with a greyed-out icon and crossed-out name and on the project page as well.
  • An email will also be triggered based on milestone completion to the project team members and followers.

Milestone Reporting / Exports

  • There is a report to access regarding milestones.
  • This report provides information around each project - how many milestones are open, completed, and its related to-do's.
  • The report can be found in Pipeline Setup --> Reports ---> Milestones 

Important Things to Note!:

  • Any project team member can mark milestones complete / incomplete.
  • Any activity above will be tracked in logs and in Updates feed for project followers and members.
  • No label translation is available for milestones at this time.
  • Milestones are reflected to any associated To-Do's in all To-Do pages:
    • If needed, project team members / system administrators can refer to, edit, or remove milestones to associated 'To-Do's
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