Everything You Need to Know about Project Management 'To-Do's!


Everything You Need to Know about Project Management 'To-Do's!


One of the great ways Pipeline organizes its project - is via "To-Do's"  Please follow these steps to add "To-Do's" within milestones to better organize what needs to be done to implement your ideas!  
To-Do's are tasks project owners can delegate down to keep the project completion in the right direction.  In each project, project owners and/or system administrators can add a set of to-do's right within Pipeline.  Let's get started!


Table of Contents:

Creating To-Do's

  • First, navigate to any project, and select the "To Do" tab
  • Next, enter in the title, description, due date, who it assigned to
  • Select "Create To Do"


Editing To-Do's

  • To-Do's can be drag and dropped in different order, and will reflect accordingly.
  • At the moment, any milestone and To-Do is up for grabs by any member of the project team.  
  • Project members and/or administrators can drag the order of the To-Do to whichever order they wish.  
    • The order will update accordingly.





Deleting To-Do's

  • By selecting the far right red "x" on the To-Do - the project member and/or administrator can completely remove the To-Do from the list in the project.

Assigning To-Do's

  • "To do's" can only be assigned to users within the project team. 
  • Add any specific user(s) to the project team (including end users) and administrators/project owners can assign them To-Do action items.
  • To assign a To-Do to a user, the project member and/or administrator can conduct that in two places:
    • When creating the to-do
    • Or within a milestone 
  • To-Do actions are communicated to the user via email communication (See email templates guide here) or via action item alert(s).

    • After the To-Do is created, the user can go into the "To-Do" and edit accordingly in the right hand panel that summarizes the To-Do:


Working with To-Do's

  • Within a "To-Do" - the environment reflects of a proposal.  Therefore note the following:
    • To-Do Name and Description
      • This can be edited on hover
    • Attachments to the To-Do
      • These can be removed on hover
    • Comments for the To-Do (which can include attachments as well)
      • These can be removed on hover
    • "Mark as Complete" button
      • The assignee, project team member, or administrator can mark this To-Do complete, which will be reflected elsewhere in the project
    • To-Do due date
      • This can be edited on hover
    • Days Remaining
      • This will change based on any updates to the due date
    • Related Milestone (if any)
      • This can be changed on hover
      • The user can also remove any affiliated milestone as well.
    • To-Do Assignee
      • This can be changed on hover
    • To-Do Assigner
    • Date the To-Do was assigned
    • Any followers of the To-Do
      • Any users who follow the to-do will receive an email notification notifying the to-do has been completed.
    • Upcoming To-Do's to look out for 
      • Hyperlink will take the user to that To-Do page




    • When hovering To-Do's in the "To-Do" subtab, the project team member and/or administrator can:
      • View which milestone the To-Do is tied to - if any
      • Mark the To-Do complete
      • Change the Milestone to another
      • Delete the To-Do

Important Things to Note:

  • To-Do dates can be edited by any project team member.
  • To-Do's can be marked complete / incomplete by any project team member.
  • Once a To-Do is marked complete (in either the To-Do sub tab or within the To-Do):
    • It will update the To-Do noting it has been completed
    • The project team member and/or administrator can mark the To-Do as "Incomplete" to reopen it.
  • No label translation is available for to-do's at this time.
  • Please note that To-Do's can be tied to higher level "Milestones" which is also can be configured in Pipeline.
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