How do I follow a Project?


How do I follow a Project?


  • To follow a project (so the user can get updates on the project)) - conduct the following:
    • Navigate to the project wall
    • Select "Follow this Project" on the left side 
    • The project will now appear in the "Project I'm Following" widget on the user's landing page, the user will also then have access to see updates on any changes, additions, completed to-do's, etc.
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    Attia C- Attia.Crews

    Hi Anthony,

    I'm following a project, but I'm not getting any updates on the project on my landing page, or via email. How do those updates appear?



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    Hi Attia,

    Following a project will simply add it to the "Projects I'm Following" widget on the member landing page. No other updates from the project will appear on the landing page.

    Thank you,

    Ron Orlovetskiy

    Brightidea Support

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    Eddie McGlamery

    Is there an option to have yourself be notified by email when someone posts something new to the project page, even if just a comment?

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    Anthony Madama

    Hi Eddie - 

    At this time, the following feature is only available for users to "subscribe" to a project via email updates.  There is no option at this time that allows you to subscribe to a project outside "following".

    I hope that helps, thank you.



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