Can I import project(s) into Project Management?


Can I import project(s) into Project Management?


  • Yes - we have a new beta feature that will allow administrator to import projects right into and from Pipeline.  Here is how to do it:
  • Navigate to Pipeline and select the "Project Import" icon (it is next to Export on the far right of the Pipeline grid:



  • The user will then receive a pop-up box that will direct them to select and upload their project import template.
  • Please select the "Download Import Project Template" link


  • In the .csv file downloaded, the administrator will see the columns that he/she must fill out the necessary fields.
  • Please make sure the date formats are in the exact format as in the template.
  • Any portfolio's created on that project row will automatically put that project in that Pipeline portfolio. 
    • The admin can leave any portfolio cells empty if they wish to not put every project in its' own portfolio
    • The admin can also import new projects into existing portfolios if they already exist in Pipeline - please be sure to confirm spelling and spacing so the name is exact as it is in Pipeline
    • Entering in existing portfolio names can be done on more than just one row in the template.


  • Once the admin saves their .csv file to their computer, he/she can upload the template into the Project Import.
  • The admin will receive a popup confirmation noting how many portfolios and/or projects will be imported.
  • Select "Upload" to complete the import


  • The administrator will then see their imported projects in the Pipeline grid.


Important things to Note:

  • All users do not have to exist for the import
    • If the admin enters in an email address/user name that the system does not recognize - the member(s) will be created with the project import.
  • No emails will be triggered to the project owners when imported
  • The projects will take the next available project ID's
    • Therefore, if "L982" was their last Pipeline project, then "L983" will be the first project code in their import list
  • Also be aware that duplicate project names will be honored in an import
    • Therefore, any project names uploaded through the import will be allowed - the system does not check for duplicates.
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