What is a 'Private Project' in Project Management?


What is a 'Private Project' in Project Management?


  • Private projects are now available in Pipeline as a beta feature, so admins' innovation councils can run a project behind closed doors.  By default, all projects created in Pipeline are public, so having this option is now available to Brightidea administrators. Here is how to get started:

Turning on Private Projects

  • First, a Brightidea representative must enable the option our end. 
  • Please contact a Brightidea representative to do this. 
    • Once that is complete, navigate to the project, and select "Options" on the bottom right corner
  • Once there, please select "Private Project" 
  • The administrator then has to select one of the following two options:
    • Restrict all access to project team = Only users in project team have access to anything around the project (updates, access, emails, etc.)
      • Note: When a project is private with "restrict all access," the project no longer appears in search results for users who are not in the project team.
    • Allow users to view and request access = Users will see the project in widgets, and can request access.
      • If this is enabled, users who are not on the project team may request to join the team via the project wall.
      • The user selects "Request to Join" and the project owner will receive an email to let him/her know that someone is requesting access.
      • The email that gets triggered is located in Enterprise Setup ---> Site ---> System Email Messages ---> Pipeline ---> Request to join Project
  • The project owner will then navigate to the project to add the user.

When Enabled

  • When a private project is initiated, the project operates as it would as if it were public.
  • However, only the project owner, system administrator, and project team members will have access to see any content, or make any updates.
  • Also notice a "Private" header is added next to the project in Pipeline

New Pipeline Column

  • When the option is ENABLED the feature appears as below; also, there will be a new column added to the Pipeline Projects grid (added automatically to the end of the grid) named "Visibility:  
    • This column will have two values: Private and Public
    • Projects will all be Public by default; they will become Private when Private Project option is enabled
    • This column should be sortable and filterable
    • When the option of "Private Project" is disabled, the column will remove itself. 
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