How do I setup Project collaboration? What happens after that?


How do I setup Project collaboration?  What happens after that?


  • Within Pipeline - having any user collaborate on your projects brings many benefits.  Sharing and collaborating on all components of the project allow a culture of social innovation that foster even further innovation for your organization!
  • First, a Brightidea user can be brought to a project by either by invitation or request to join (if it is a private project) Let's start there first.

Inviting Users to Project

  • Getting the right people involved in your project can be an on-going task for you in Pipeline.  Making changes to the user participation for your project could not be easier, please follow the steps accordingly (only as project owner or as system administrator)
  • As a project team member and/or system administrator, please select the "Team" section on the right hand side of your project
    • Select "Add / Edit"
  • Here, the project owner can add users by searching by user name or screen name.  Once found, the users can be added to the right hand side
  • Project team members or administrators can also remove users by selecting the red "X"
  • Project team members or administrators can also change project owners by switching the "key" icon to another user.
  • Don't forget to select 'Save Changes' when finished!


  • Once the user is invited, they will receive an email like this:
    • Dear [SCREEN_NAME], You have been invited to collaborate on a project. Please follow the link below to view the project.
  • The user would select a link to give them access to the project.
  • The top-left corner of the member landing page at the “Projects” tab. The number next to the “Projects” tab indicates the number of projects the end-user is involved with.

Users Requesting Access to a Private Project

  • If a project is private, the user can select to "Request to Join Project" on the Project will trigger an email to the project owner.

  • The email triggered to the project owner would include the following template:
    • "User" would like to join the project. 
    • Then the administrator would be routed to the project to add that user to the team.
  • Once the user is granted access by either of the above two ways, the user will have access to your project:
    • Please note, if the user has no administrative access, all hyperlinks to WebStorm Admin, Switchboard, or any setup area is removed.
    • Any areas to delete updates is also removed



Accessing the Project(s) within Brightidea

  • Users can access their projects via:
    • Email Links Triggered
    • Member Landing Page
      • The Projects section on the left indicates the number of projects you are currently following
    • Projects Widget (Only if the user is also "following" the project
    • If the user selects "See All" - it will expand the widget to show all projects the user is following
    • Via Pipeline (Only if the user is a System Administrator)

Project Collaboration for End Users

  • Once the user gains access to the project, they have access to add and update any of the following project attributes:
    • Project Information
      • The collaborator can update project title, description, status, launch date, completion target, as well as add/remove project tags
    • Milestones
    • To Do’s
    • Documents / Investments / Projections / Related Proposals
      • The collaborator can update all of these components.
      • Refer to this article to learn more about these attributes within the project.
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