How do I Mass Import / Update / Export Project teams in Project Management?


How do I Mass Import / Update / Export Project teams in Project Management?


  • Our current Project Team feature becomes difficult to manage with large groups, as each team user must be searched and added individually.
    • Refer to this article regarding the basics around Project Teams
  • To make this process faster and easier, we will introduce a new option to export existing project teams. This project team export can then be imported into the system to update users and create new teams.
  • Please speak to your Brightidea representative to enable this beta feature.
  • In Pipeline Setup ---> Users ---> Project Teams, there will be a new section added below the Project Team editor.

Exporting Project Teams

  • Selecting “Export Teams” button will export an Excel file with all the current Brightidea project teams.
  • This export will have the following columns:
    • Project Team: This is the name of the Project Team
    • Username: Username of the user who is on the Project Team
    • Email: Email address of the user who is on the Project Team
  • An example of what can be exported:

Project Team



Innovation Team

Jack Brown

Innovation Team

Beatrix Kiddo

  • Please note that users may appear in multiple teams.

Creating Project Teams

  • First, administrators must create their template to import.
  • To do so, select "Export Teams" to obtain the .xls template.
  • Here, use the three column headers to fill out: Project Team, Email Address, and Screen Name:
    • Note: All Project team names must be EXACTLY the same if used in multiple rows.
      • i..e  - if administrator puts in "Team Europe" in Row 1, then "TeamEurope" in Row 2, it will create two different groups
    • Note: All project team members must exist in the Brightidea system prior to importing.
    • Save the .xls file to hard drive.


  • Next, go back to Pipeline Setup and select “Update Teams” button
  • The system will then prompt the user to upload an .xls file template
  • Administrator may now select that import file and select “Open"
  • After the import file is selected, the user should see the following warning with the Modal popup:
    • Note: The import will check for existing users.  If user(s) are not in the Brightidea system prior to import, the import will skip users trying to import.
    • Please refer to our User Import feature if the admin needs to import users into the Brightidea system first before importing them into project teams.

Updating Project Teams

  • Administrators may edit the Project Team export spreadsheet.
  • Administrators may add or remove new users from existing Project Teams, or create new Project Teams by adding new values and users to the Project Team column.
  • Administrators can select "Update Teams" which will prompt the user to upload an .xls template
  • The administrator will receive this prompt prior to import
    • Select "Update" to continue
  • For any project team listed in the Project Import spreadsheet:
    • If the team already exists, and is included in the Import, it will add new users and remove any existing users not included in import
    • If the team does not exist, but is included in the Import, it will create a new team and add the listed users
    • During the upload, a popup will report any team members in the spreadsheet who are not registered users

    • If a team already exists, and is not included in the Import, the team will be removed
      • Please Note: Users may appear in multiple teams.
    • The administrator will receive the green confirmation on top of the screen
    • The administrator can then review their newly created team in Pipeline Setup as if it were created manually
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