What do I need to know about 'Investments'?


What do I need to know about 'Investments'?


  • Within Pipeline, we give our project owners and project team members capability to record all prior, current, and potential investments to a project. Whether that be in a form of financial investment, time, human resource, or another physical component / tool - inputting that information into Brightidea couldn't be easier!
  • Here is what the administrator needs to know regarding investments within a Pipeline project:

Creating Investments

  • To add an investment to the project, select a project within Pipeline, and then navigate to the 'Investments' section in the left project side bar.
    • This can also be found on the far right as well.
  • Once there, the Project Owner / Project Team Member / System Administrator can add their investment by adding in:
    • Type of resource
    • $ Amount
    • Time in hours
    • Description of the Resource
  • One all set  - select 'Add Investment'
  • The investment then will be added to the list:


Editing / Deleting Investments

  • Selecting the Red 'X' (on the far right of each entry) will remove the investment from the list within the project
  • The user can drag and drop the entries to a desired order.


Exporting Investments

  • Selecting the Excel icon on the top right corner will export your investments to Excel.
  • The user can then select which format in Excel to export.

Important Things to Note:

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