How can I record Projections or Outcomes for my ideas?

Providing your innovation program's bottom line is critical.  Brightidea is excited to announce to our IPM's more opportunities to track both quantitative and qualitative projections and outcomes!  Both can now be recorded directly on the View Idea 2.0 page, more specifics are below! 


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Getting Started:

  • Once this option is enabled in Enterprise setup-->Ideas-->Ideas tab navigate to any idea page and select the "Projections" or "Outcomestabs:


  • Within this tab, the System/WebStorm/Pipeline Administrator can calculate the following projections linked to the selected idea:
    • Net Profit
    • Total Projected Profit
    • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Note: A maximum of 15 years of projections can be recorded.
  • To record a projection, select the "Record Projection" green button:


  • Fill in the form by selecting the following:
    • Launch Date
    • Years 1-3:
      • Cost
      • Revenue/Savings
    • Additional Years (Optional):
      • Cost
      • Revenue/Savings
    • Notes

  • Once the form data is filled in, finish by selecting "Add Projection
    • The newly added projections will be recorded on the view idea page:


  • Within this tab, any administrator can enter the following outcomes linked to the selected idea:
    • Revenue
    • Cost Savings
    • Other Outcome
  • To record an outcome, select the "Record an Outcome" green button:


  • Fill in the form by completing the following:
    • Outcome type:
      • Revenue (Financial Entry)
      • Cost Avoidance (Financial Entry)
      • Cost Savings (Financial Entry)
      • Customer Satisfaction 
      • Employee Engagement
      • Brand Awareness
      • Social/Environmental Impact 
      • Other Outcome
    • Period Start/End dates
    • Title
    • Description
    • Attachments


  • Once the form data is filled in, finish by selecting "Add Outcome
    • The newly added outcomes will be recorded on the view idea page:

Managing Projections & Outcomes:

  • Keep in mind - these tabs and data are only visible to administrators - therefore no end users will see these tabs or its data.

Editing Projections

  • To edit a projection select "Update Projection"
    • Note: Projections can only be edited, a history of projection entries for that idea can be viewed at the bottom of the projections tab

Editing & Deleting Outcomes

  • To delete or edit an outcome, select the 'down-arrow' next to the outcome:

Exporting Projections & Outcomes

  • The following columns can be added to the Pipeline Idea List using the 'gear' menu:
    • "Tracked Outcomes"
    • "Projected Value"


  • Once the columns are added to the list view, run the export by selecting the green 'Excel' icon on the upper right.

Assigning Projections or Outcome Action Items

  • Any development team members, when selected to edit idea attributes, can now enter in projections and/or outcomes via a development action item

  • The Administrator / Pipeline Moderator can add a new Development step in the Pipeline workflow to conduct this action:

    • Use development submission form question to ask if outcomes are recorded... and the assignee can go to those areas and fill out projections and outcomes.
    • "Allow Assignees to Edit Idea Attributes" must be enabled.
    • The administrator can also create a custom email for the step so when the action item goes out, it reflects the assigned action:
  • When the assignee, gets the action item, the user can enter projections or outcomes for the idea assigned to them, while also choosing a development field question:

Command Center Dashboard

  • Projections and Outcomes for ideas will be reflected in the overall metrics in the Command Center main dashboard:
  • In this screen the IPM can view overall Projections and Outcomes by individual WebStorm, a selected group of WebStorms, or for all WebStorms.


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