Important Note: We recommend utilizing our new Team WorkSpace feature going forward, Brightidea's old 'Project' feature documented below is no longer being updated or supported by our Product team.  

What is the 'Project' tool for?

  • The 'Project' step provides the Pipeline Manager / Administrator with ability to create projects from ideas using our existing Project Management tool.
    • Learn more about Project Mangement here!


Configure the 'Project' Tool: 

  • To get started with the Project tool, navigate to Step Gear Menu --> Configure Project:


  • In the 'Project' configuration section, the Pipeline Manager will need to set the following parameters:
    • Project Owners: Select the owner for the projects in this step
    • Project Team: Select the team members for this project, team members are able to participate on the project but do not have administrator privileges to make project changes.
    • Privacy: Select the privacy level
      • Most Visible: Project will appear in search results. Non-team members can view and post to project wall. Only team members can view and update the project.
      • Restricted Visibility/Access: Medium Security - Project will appear in search results. Non-team members can request access to the project. Only team members can view and update the project.
      • Most Secure: Project will not appear in search results. Only team members can view and update the project.


    • Select "Create Project" to complete the configuration.
    • Projects will be created in the Pipeline tool for each idea in the step.


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  • Avatar

    Can I use the Project tool for all the Apps?, could I use it for a custom pipeline?.

  • Avatar
    Brightidea Support

    Hi Oscar,

    Project tool is not available for all Apps however you can use the Project tool in a custom Pipeline.

    Thank you,
    Brightidea Support

  • Avatar
    Roc Chen (Colleaga)


    One question regarding the privacy settings. When it says the project could be see in search results, does that mean only the related challenge members could see it, or everyone on the website could see it?

    Thank you.


  • Avatar
    Luca Volterrani

    Dear support,

    How is the project actually related with the new feature of the team workspace? are they two parallel and independent environments?

  • Avatar
    Brightidea Support

    Hi Luca,

    They are completely independent objects in Brightidea.

    You can think of Projects as the old Team WorkSpace area. We'd recommend using Team WorkSpace instead at this point as the old Projects are no longer being developed.

    Brightidea Support