What is the Pairwise tool for?

    • The Pairwise step in Platform is an “A/B” idea comparison tool. The evaluator can then select the idea they like better - or select neither idea before being presented with the next pairing.
      • Evaluator is presented with two ideas at a time, and selects the best one
      • After all ideas are chosen / not chosen, an algorithm then ranks the ideas based on a point system.
    • When a Pairwise action item is triggered, the evaluator / screener(s) will be able to select the best idea from each comparison.


Configure the Pairwise Tool:

    • To get started with the Pairwise tool, navigate to Step Ellipsis Menu --> Configure Pairwise:


    • In the Pairwise configuration section, the Pipeline Manager will need to set the following parameters:
      • Evaluators: Select the users who will review the ideas.
      • Due Date: The administrator / manager can set the due date dynamically from date assigned or manually select a date if needed.


      • Allow Assignees to Edit Idea Attributes: Assignees who are not already administrators will be able to edit some attributes such as idea title, description and category.
      • Send Email Alert: Allows the manager to enable or disable the email alert on assignment.


      • Select Activate to complete the configuration. 

Assignee's experience:

    • The selected evaluators will complete all assigned Pairwise action items by selecting which ideas they like best on each presented pair.


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