How does the 'Change Pipeline' feature work in Pipeline Management?

In Pipeline, there is great flexibility to move and organize ideas as needed.  In the instance where the administrator wants to move ideas to another Pipeline, the administrator can leverage the Change Pipeline feature.  

Please follow these simple steps:

  • Navigate to Pipeline:
    • Select the idea(s) required and select 'Change Pipeline' from the Actions menu:


  • The administrator will then see a pop-up come up to select which Pipeline, Category and the Status the selected idea(s) will inherit:


  • When finished, select 'Change Pipeline'
    • The selected ideas will now appear in the respective Pipeline. 

Important things to note:

  • Change Pipeline feature is limited to 1 idea at a time, if administrator selects multiple ideas, the change pipeline feature is not available. 
  • If the administrator moves an idea from Pipeline A to Pipeline B, the user points for that idea carry over.  
  • Even if the administrator sets the reputation points to zero, it will keep the users points intact with the Enterprise level statistics and widgets. 
  • Submission votes also carry over as well. 
  • When the administrator moves an idea to another Pipeline/WebStorm, all comments associated with that submission are moved as well.
  • The "Change Pipeline" functionality triggers the email template named "Campaign Change on Idea"
  • There is no option to append submission form questions, hat option is available in the Copy Idea feature
  • If the submission form questions 100% match the ones configured in the new WebStorm then the submission form answers will by copied over to the new WebStorm and will map into the submission form questions. 

Another scenario to Note:

  • As an Administrator, I move the idea to Pipeline A (open to targeted group that the idea submitter is not a participant of).  
    • Once the idea is moved to Pipeline A, will the idea submitter continue to receive email notifications of actions taken on the idea (comments, status changes, etc) even though they do not have access to the Pipeline itself?
    • The answer is yes - the user will continue to get alerts, regardless of its placement after moving.
      • The user is still tied to the idea, so any actions will still trigger emails.  
      • However, when the user attempts to access it (via email link) they will have trouble doing so IF they are not in the group for the Pipeline.
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    Dugdale Dugdale

    Hi Ron

    What about when Webstorm A is in French but Webstorm B is in German, but they have the same questions, just in different languages - if I change Pipeline - will the responses map?