Understanding 'Initiative Administrator' Permissions

Brightidea System Administrators have the ability to assign "Initiative Administrators" for specific Sites on their Brightidea site.  

The Initiative Administrators have the ability to manage any Site/Pipeline that they are given administrator access including access to all respective setup areas described below.


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Getting Started

  • For administrators, the Site Administrator user role can be configured in either Initiative/Site setup under Setup > Users > Administrators or the Apps Setup Wizard:
  • Under each Pipeline Setup, there is a section for Roles to be configured. Here you can assign Pipeline Administrators.


  • Site Administrators can also be configured in the Setup menu for any of Brightidea's Applications:

What can the 'Pipeline/Site Administrator' role access and what actions can they perform? 

Global Navigation Administrative Features

  • Through global navigation the Site Administrator will only be able to access Pipelines that they are assigned as Site Administrator. 
    • The Site Administrator will be not be able to access the Command Center, People, Apps, Innovations, Analytics and System Setup.

Site Setup

Dynamic Navigation

  • Site Administrators can configure dynamic navigation item in Site Setup.
    • Site administrators will be able to view navigation items set to "Admin" or "All" for Sites they are assigned as administrator for 

Widget Setup Mode

  • Site administrators have the ability to add, remove, and edit widgets throughout their Site pages.
    • Click here to learn more about widget setup mode.


  • Site administrators have the ability to change labels in their Site through either Site setup or Label Edit mode.
    • Click here to learn more about label edit mode.

View Idea Page

  • For Ideas the Site Administrator can perform all the same actions just like the System Administrator including:
    • Edit all idea attributes (title, status, category, attachments, etc.)
    • View hidden ideas
    • View and submit all types of comments (Private, Submitter Q&A, Admin)
    • View and create administrator tags

Pipeline Management

  • Within Pipeline the Initiative Administrator role can:
    • Access Pipeline setup for their Pipeline.
    • Change Pipeline (on idea) between Pipeline they have administrator access to.
    • Create, delete, or move Steps
    • Create, delete, move, or update Stages
    • Delete Ideas
    • Configure and Change Steps
    • Assign Action Items using the various tool types.
    • Copy, link and move ideas between Pipelines that they have 'Site Administrator' access to.
    • Access the “Manage Step” area for all step tool types.
    • Export Reports from Steps and Idea List View.
  • Within the Action Items Manager the Site Administrator can:
    • View, delete, cancel, and reopen action items for Pipelines which they have Site Administrator access to.
  • Site Administrators will not be able to:
    • Access other Pipelines that they do not have administrator access to.
    • Create or delete Pipelines (including using Apps)


  • The Site Administrator will be able to access Dashboards in the Pipelines they have access to.
    • The Site Administrator will not be able to access any of the Enterprise Dashboards, Command Center Dashboards, or the Business Results Dashboard.


Important Notes:

  • If you are on Brightidea's Admin-based licensing, each user who is configured as Initiative administrator on your Brightidea site will count as an admin license towards your Brightidea subscription. 
  • The Site 'Sponsor' has the exact same permissions as described above for 'Initiative Administrator', they are essentially another Administrator for the given Pipeline/Site.



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