Setting Up and Understanding 'Pipeline/WebStorm Administrator' Permissions

Brightidea System Administrators have the ability to assign "Pipeline/WebStorm Administrators" for specific Webstorms on their Brightidea site.  

The Pipeline/WebStorm Administrators have the ability to manage any WebStorm/Pipeline that they are given administrator access including access to all respective setup areas described below.

Getting Started

  • For administrators, the WebStorm Administrator user role can be configured in either Challenge/WebStorm setup under Setup --> Users --> Administrators or the Apps Setup Wizard:



  • WebStorm Administrators can also be configured in the Setup menu for any of Brightidea's Applications:


What can the 'Pipeline/WebStorm Administrator' role access and what actions can they perform? 

Global Navigation Administrative Features

  • Through global navigation the WebStorm Administrator will only be able to access Pipelines that they are assigned as WebStorm Administrator. 
    • The WebStorm Administrator will be not be able to access the Command Center, People, Apps, Innovations, Analytics and System Setup.


WebStorm Setup

Dynamic Navigation

  • WebStorm Administrators can configure dynamic navigation item in WebStorm Setup.
    • WebStorm administrators will be able to view navigation items set to "Admin" or "All" for WebStorms they are assigned as administrator for 


Widget Setup Mode

  • WebStorm administrators have the ability to add, remove, and edit widgets throughout their WebStorm pages.
    • Click here to learn more about widget setup mode.


  • WebStorm administrators have the ability to change labels in their WebStorm through either WebStorm setup or Label Edit mode.
    • Click here to learn more about label edit mode.

View Idea Page

  • For Ideas the WebStorm Administrator can perform all the same actions just like the System Administrator including:
    • Edit all idea attributes (title, status, category, attachments, etc.)
    • View hidden ideas
    • View and submit all types of comments (Private, Submitter Q&A, Admin)
    • View and create administrator tags


Pipeline Management

  • Within Pipeline the Pipeline/WebStorm Administrator role can:
    • Access Pipeline setup for their Pipeline.
    • Change Pipeline (on idea) between Pipeline they have administrator access to.
    • Create, delete, or move Steps
    • Create, delete, move, or update Stages
    • Delete Ideas
    • Configure and Change Steps
    • Assign Action Items using the various tool types.
    • Copy, link and move ideas between Pipelines that they have 'WebStorm Administrator' access to.
    • Access the “Manage Step” area for all step tool types.
    • Export Reports from Steps and Idea List View.
  • Within the Action Items Manager the WebStorm Administrator can:
    • View, delete, cancel, and reopen action items for Pipelines which they have WebStorm Administrator access to.
  • WebStorm Administrators will not be able to:
    • Access other Pipelines that they do not have administrator access to.
    • Create or delete Pipelines (including using Apps)



  • The WebStorm Administrator will be able to access Dashboards in the Pipelines they have access to.
    • The WebStorm Administrator will not be able to access any of the Enterprise Dashboards, Command Center Dashboards, or the Business Results Dashboard.



  • WebStorm Administrators will be able to access the Projects via the Project Tool Type for any Challenge/WebStorm they've been assigned to.
  • The WebStorm administrator can access the Project regardless of whether they're assigned the Project Leader or in the Project Team
  • They will be able to see the Projects list when navigating from a Project step in Pipeline:


  • The WebStorm Administrator will also be able to view the Project details:


Important Notes:

  • If you are on Brightidea's Admin-based licensing, each user who is configured as Pipeline/WebStorm administrator on your Brightidea site will count as an admin license towards your Brightidea subscription. 
  • The WebStorm 'Sponsor' has the exact same permissions as described above for 'Pipeline/WebStorm Administrator', they are essentially another Administrator for the given Pipeline/WebStorm.



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