Find Teammates for My Idea

Find Teammates for My Idea

The Find Teammates feature on the View Submission 2.0 page (details widget) allows submitters to easily and effectively find the right teammates for their submissions.


Enabling and Adding the Widget

  • To utilize the this feature "Find Teammates" must be enabled in Site Setup > Ideas tab
    • Once this is option is enabled the "Find Teammates" button will appear on the Idea Details Widget 


Finding Teammates

  • After a submission is posted with certain Expertise specified administrators and the idea submitter can then search for teammates who match the Expertise on that submission 
    • To search for teammates select "Find Teammates" on the idea details widget on the View Submission Page:


  • After selecting "Find Teammates" a popup will appear showing available matches.  
    • The percentage is based on the user's expertise as well their availability to join the team
    • A percentage will show best matches for teammates


  • The user can then select a potential team member and send them a message by selecting "Message"
    • You will then be prompted to message that potential teammate and see if they would like to join the submission team:


    • The teammate can then respond whether they wish to join the team or not via a private message:


  • After the teammate confirms that they wish to join the team the user will then need to manually add them to the team by editing their submission:



Important Notes:

  • Find Teammates will only show users who are not on any other idea team, users who are on other idea teams and have matching expertise will not be recommended via the Find Teammates feature.
    • However, such users can still be manually added to the idea team by the idea submitter or any administrator(s) by editing the idea team.
  • Only users with access permissions (groups/domains) to the Challenge/Site will be returned.
  • The criteria for find teammates will gives more weight to users which are active on the site (based on user logins/sessions). 
    • Example, if a user logs in frequently, they will be recommend as a higher match for find teammates feature if they have matching expertise. 
    • On the other hand, if we have a new user with no activity but also has matching expertise, they will less likely be recommended for find teammates. 
  • Find Teammates will not show yourself as a recommendation, e.g. if the administrator has matching expertise and select Find Teammate, they will not see themselves as a recommendation.
  • Blocked users will also be excluded from Find Teammates.
  • We highly recommend your Brightidea users have Expertise on their profile first before enabling this feature. 



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