Find Owner (Suggest App)

The Find Owner Tool Type for a Suggest challenge makes it easier for the Innovation team to find an Idea Owner for an idea. The Idea Owner has the option to claim ownership of an idea and decided if its worth implementing.  Read below to learn more!



Getting Started

  • "Find Owner" tool type allows ideas to be assigned to an Owner based on the idea category.
    • Learn More about Idea Categories here!
  • First select an Owner for each category in the configuration below.
    • The action item for the "Find Owner" step will be triggered when an idea is submitted with the same category the Owner is assigned to.


  • When an idea is submitted an action item will automatically be assigned to the category Owner in the "Find Owner" step configuration.
    • They then have the option to claim ownership of the idea by selecting "Yes."
    • This the idea is submitted the Idea Owner is assigned a "Find Owner" action item. 


  • After the Idea Owner accepts their idea they have the option to choose if they wish to implement the idea.
    • Should they choose "Yes" the idea will be moved into the "Implementation" step in the Suggest challenge.
    • Should they choose "No" the idea will be moved into the "Not Pursued'" step in the Suggest challenge.
      • Important Note: This Step name must remain "Not Pursued" for Submissions to automatically move to this Step.


  • The Idea Owner also has the option to not claim ownership of the idea by selecting "No"


    • They can then choose to assign the idea to a new Idea Owner.
      • Once a new Owner is assigned the idea will be returned to the "Find Owner" step.


Editing the Owner Field

The Owner field can be enabled for non-Suggest initiatives, without the Find Owner tool. This can be used to manually designate an Owner responsible for further development or implementation of the submission. 

To enable the Owner field, navigate to Site Setup > Ideas > Ideas > Idea Owner. Once enabled, the Owner field will display in Idea and Pipeline views.


The Owner field can also be edited manually from Idea View, with or without the Find Owner tool. Hover over the field and select the Edit icon. You can then search and select a new Owner for the submission. You can also remove the existing Owner to return the field to “Not Assigned.”


As of the Spring 2021 release, Pipeline Administrators, Managers, and Moderators can now edit the Owner field.

Additional Note:

  • Find Owner labeling can be updated through the Label Editor in Enterprise Setup.
Please comment below with any questions or feedback, Happy Innovating!
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  • Avatar
    Thomas Popp

    Are there any reminder emails to owners? Can they be scheduled?

  • Avatar
    Brightidea Support

    Hi Thomas,

    Unfortunately, there is no automated action item reminder functionality at this time. Please feel free to submit an enhancement request to our IdeaSpace (

    Thank you,
    Brightidea Support

  • Avatar
    Damian Dugdale

    Is the Idea Owner an attribute that can be edited if allowing assignee's to edit idea attributes?

  • Avatar
    Victor Camilo

    With so many email notifications and options for creating rules, I'm surprised we don't have an option to set up a rule or email notification for when the idea owner is changed. Similar to the when the idea status is changed, -the idea submitter is notified.