Event Site for Hackathon (BETA)

As an alternative to using the Homepage for Hackathon, admins now have an option to enable Event Site. This is similar to the functionality that is displayed for Idea Box and Memo


Event Site Functionality

We are introducing a new way to position the Hackathon event site. This update provides the following benefits:

  • Structured, direct navigation: The UI has been updated to better highlight the most important aspects of managing and participating in a Hackathon event.
  • All-in-one pipeline management: Communities and sub-pipelines can be set up to route ideas based on their maturity, subject matter expertise, timing, and other factors.
  • Fine-tuned dashboards: Surfaces key site analytics to the entire team to define and understand success criteria and engagement.

Enabling Event Site for Hackathon

Before it can be used, enable Team Site for Hackathon under Site Setup > Site > General Settings > "Enable Event Site View"

After it has been enabled, when a user clicks on the Hackathon event from the below locations, they will be directed to the Event Site page, as opposed to the site homepage:

  • Highlights feed
  • User homepage > Activities
  • Visual Initiative List widget
  • Initiative Admin dropdown > Site
  • Activity feed in Command Center
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