Pipeline Visibility for End Users

Pipeline Visibility for End Users

We here at Brightidea are so excited to announce the release of the new Pipeline Visibility for End Users! This feature will allow your end users to easily track the progression of ideas by viewing them in a Steps View! Let's see all the details below:



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The Steps View visibility allows your users to browse ideas in a linear process, also known as the Pipeline, which is viewed directly on the Idea Board 3.0 page. This way, users can easily track the progression of different ideas and see which step the idea is in.

Enabling Pipeline View

Administrators may turn this feature on/off by navigating to their WebStorm Setup.

Locate the Ideas tab > Idea Boards. At the bottom there will be an option labeled Pipeline View. If you turn this option on, you can choose between allowing End User's to view only Stages, only Steps or both.

By default, this option will only show Stages:


Viewing Pipeline as End-User

Once the Step view has been turned ON, all End Users are given the option to view the ideas by clicking on the two icons in the top-right corner of the Idea Boards. This will allow End-Users to view ideas based on how Admins have configured these settings. See images below for a detailed look when toggling between the views:

Steps & Stages

This view will display the Steps and Stages that each idea is currently in. This will provide End-Users with a more detailed approach on how ideas have progressed.


Steps-View only

This view will only show End-Users which Step the idea is in without showing the Stage. The Steps View gives insight as to what process their idea is in.


Stages-View only

This view will only show End-Users which Stage the idea is in without showing the Steps. The Stages View gives insight as to where their idea is in development without showing the number of Steps to advance to the next Stage.


Submission Details When Hovering

When End-Users are viewing the WebStorm in the Steps View, they can view more details by hovering over a specific Submission. These details will include the submission title, submitter's username and icon, status, category and description.


  • Steps View is only available with Idea Boards 3.0
  • Steps View will be enabled by default for these apps:
    • Suggest
    • Transform
    • Consult
    • Custom
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