Sticky Note Printer

All of your ideas can now be printed onto Sticky Notes! With the help of Mangoslab's nemonic mini printer, Users can now print ideas from Brightidea onto sticky notes to place around your office, your home and anywhere else!


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Setting Up Your Printer

The first thing you need to do before you can print Sticky Notes from your Brightidea is to setup your printer.

Follow these setup instructions to start printing your own Sticky Notes.

1) Make sure you purchase the correct nemonic printer from Mangoslab. You can easily purchase by clicking the link below -

Note: The Printer uses a unique cord to connect to your device. If your device cannot connect properly, you may need to purchase an adapter. 

2) Download the nemonic driver so that your device can talk to the printer properly -

3) Plug in your printer and make sure your Chrome browser can locate the nemonic printer 


Once you have confirmed that your device is set up correctly, you can start printing!

The Sticky Note Printer feature should be enabled for all systems by default. Administrators can enable the Sticky Note Printer per Initiative under Site Setup > Ideas > Ideas


Every Submission that is printed will include Submission title, Submission description, Submission code, Submitter name and a QR code. 

Automatic Printing

Once you have confirmed that your device is connected to the printer, you can print new Submissions automatically by opening your browser with Chrome Kiosk.

Close out of all Chrome browsers, open up your device terminal and enter the command below exactly as it is shown - 

/Applications/Google\\ Chrome --kiosk-printing

You will need to open up the "Print Automatically on Submission" page so that your printer knows to Print all new Submissions automatically.

When the "Print Automatically on Submission" screen is open, you can go to your Brightidea and start printing Sticky Notes! You will need to keep the page open so that your Printer knows to print all newly submitted ideas automatically.


If your Brightidea does not show this feature, please contact your Account Manager or the Brightidea Support team to have them enable for you. 

Manual Printing

For manual printing, this can easily be done through your Pipeline's Step View or List View. You can print one Submission or multiple Submissions.

If you are viewing your Pipeline's Step View, clicking on any Submission and then right-clicking onto the Submission will bring up a list of actions. Here you can choose "Print to Sticky Notes".


For Pipeline List View, you can use same approach to manually print Submissions. Click on any Submission, then right-click onto the Submission and it will bring up a list of actions. Here you can choose "Print to Sticky Notes".


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