Jira Integration

Brightidea is expanding its horizons by integrating your platform with Jira. Each affiliate can connect to a Jira instance in just a few easy steps. Follow our guide below for more information.

Connecting Brightidea to Jira

This feature is in Beta development, please speak to your Customer Success Manager if you would like to enable. Once this feature has approved by your Customer Success Manager, you will be able to access the Jira Integration tab within your Enterprise Setup > Beta tab > Jira Integration. You will need administrator access in both Brightidea and Jira. 


Within Brightidea, System Admins will need to complete a few steps -

1. Input your company's Jira URL (e.g. https://company.jira.com) into the Jira URL field. Make sure to include the https prefix and hit Save URL after it has been entered.

2. Generate new OAuth Key Pair. This is a unique key that is generated to connect your Brightidea to your Jira instance.

3. Once the OAuth Key is generated, this will also generate a Public Key that you will need to copy into your Jira Instance.

Within your Jira instance, System Admins will need to finalize the connection by -

1. Navigate to Settings > Products > Application Links.


From here you will need to create a new Application Link. We recommend labeling this link to identify that this is a Brightidea Application. 


The first screen you may see is for basic 'Outgoing Authentication' application information. This is the less important screen, so filling in the Application Name and Type may be enough. However, you may need to review to see if your company has configured any of the other fields as required. 


The next screen is the important one, 'Incoming Authentication' screen. This is where you will enter the integration information that you copied from Brightidea 


2. Enter your Consumer Key (which will be the OAuth Key)

3. Enter Consumer name as Brightidea

4. Paste the Public key, which is the unique Public Key code that was generated from Brightidea

Your Brightidea and Jira should now be fully connected!

Connecting Submissions to Jira

After Jira has been successfully connected, Admins will have two different approaches to connecting Submissions. First option is through Pipeline Steps or List View, the second is through View Idea page.

Note: Users will be able to View existing links on the View Idea widget, but will be required to individually authenticate with their Jira accounts to link or create new issues from an idea. If an End-User is requesting access, Admins will need to log into Jira to authorize their access as well.

If there are additional issues around providing Users access, please submit a ticket to our Support Portal for further investigation.


Connecting Jira through Pipeline Steps/List View 

System Admins will see a new 'Action' option when in Steps View or List View. These two options allow for Submissions to create or link to Jira cases.


Simply select the Submission, choose Create or Link to, and follow the dialog module that guides you to connecting to Jira.


Connecting Jira through View Idea

There is a Jira widget available that can be added onto the View Idea pages. This feature will need to be enabled under Site Setup > Beta tab. This widget can only be seen by Users with Admin permissions.

  • However, Admins will also see a sub-option "End-user Access to Jira Integration" that will allow end-users to see all the Jira cases the idea is linked to. 

We also recommend to enable the option "Add Right Column On View Idea 2.0" within the same section to display the Jira widget on the right-side of the View Idea page for a better User experience.


Once this is enabled, navigate to View Idea and apply the Widget "Jira Isses" using the Widget Editor.


With the Jira Widget, specific Users will be able to Connect or Link to Jira cases. 

Important Notes

  • Custom fields may not be readable by Jira at this time.

  • This setup is for Jira cloud only. Users with Jira server may not be able to connect.

  • Certain formatting issues, such as underline, strikethrough and ordered lists may not be parsed over correctly.


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