Copy/transfer custom design between your Brightidea Initiatives

This is a step-by-step guide for administrators to copy/transfer custom site design between Brightidea sites. Designs can be copied automatically when creating a new Initiative or Community using the Duplicate (Initiative) and Copy (Community) features. When manual conversion of site design is needed, this guide walks through the process.


Before You Get Started: Prerequisites for Copying Custom Design

In order to copy/transfer custom site design, you will need the following:

Text Editor

Any text editor can be used, but we recommend using a text editor designed for coding. You can download one here.

Technical Resource

To copy/transfer custom site design, it's not required for you to have a technical resource. However, it may help to have someone with a background in web development. If you do not have a technical resource, Brightidea offers design services for a fee.

Step 1: Backup Your Custom HTML & CSS

Before any transferring of custom code occurs, be sure to copy all your custom code into your text editor and save it to your computer. This will help you restore your code easily should you need to do so.

Where's my custom code?

Custom code may be placed in the setup menu and widgets within your Enterprise site, Community sites, and Initiative sites. It's important to look in all areas for custom code in order to make a successful transfer. It's also important to note that custom design will not transfer between different types of Brightidea sites. For example, it's not possible to transfer Enterprise site design to a Community or Initiative site.

Step 2: Transfer Setup Menu(s)

Once your custom code has been backed up, you can begin to transfer it from one site to another. To begin, visit the setup menu of the site(s) where the custom design exists and copy/paste the code into the respective areas of the site where you want to apply your custom design. 

Be sure to paste the code in the right area of the setup menu (for example, code from the "Banner" should be pasted into the Banner input box in your site). Pasting code into the wrong part of the setup menu can result in failure to copy/transfer your custom site design.


After copy/pasting the custom code between setup menus, you will want to replicate the configuration of the color picker (see below). 


Step 3: Transfer Widgets

Once the setup menu(s) have been transferred between your sites, you can begin to transfer widgets. For standard widgets, you can simply use the widget editing tools to add these widgets to your site (see below).


If you implemented a custom design on your Brightidea site, not all of your widgets may be standard. Rather, they may have been built in HTML. You can determine if a widget is standard or HTML by enabling widget editor and opening up the widget with the pencil icon. If you see HTML inside, this is an HTML widget and needs to be transferred manually. To do so, copy the code and paste it into a "Text/HTML" widget on your site. Be sure to check any/all pages that contain widgets to transfer.


Once you have copied the setup menu and widgets of your site(s), your transfer of custom site design is complete!


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