"Suggested for You" Tab for User Home (Beta)

Important Note: This feature is currently in beta, and can be enabled by opting in under the 'System Setup' beta tab. Please report any issues to support, and post enhancement requests to IdeaSpace.

Everything You Need to Know about the "Suggested for You" Tab

A new tab is now available for the User Home, “Suggested for You.” This tab gives your system's participants personalized recommendations for new submissions, and an easy way to interact with and explore submissions across different initiatives. It's a great way to engage your audience and surface new submissions that they would potentially miss.


Getting Started

This new tab can be enabled in System Setup > Beta > "Suggested for You" Tab in User Homepage.

Once enabled, the “Suggested for You” tab will appear below the “Highlights” tab on the User Home page.


The “Suggested for You” tab is powered by machine learningas users view, vote, and comment on submissions, the tab will recommend new ones for them to check out. The more your audience participates and interacts with each other, the more relevant these recommendations will become.

Each submission also includes a preview of the description, so you can get a sense of the content without having to navigate to the submission.


Voting and Commenting

The "Suggested for You" tab makes it easy to interact with new submissions. You can upvote submissions right from the feed.


You can also view and add and reply to comments and tag other users, without having to navigate to the submission.



"Suggested for You" Tab Visibility

By default, when the "Suggested for You" tab is enabled, it is available in the User Home for users in your System. You can also opt to hide the tab from end users by enabling System Setup > Beta > Hide ”For You” Tab from End Users.

When this option is enabled, the tab will only be visible to Administrators, Managers, and Moderators.

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