As you and your teams are brainstorming there may be times when you need to focus or limit your work for a specified period of time. To help keep everyone on track while collaborating the Brightidea Whiteboard includes a Timer feature that all users can see and control. 


Starting the timer 

The Timer feature can be found in the left toolbar, under the last tool selection. 

Once selected the timer pre-populates the time for 3 minutes by default. To change the time  provided, you can type in any desired time or select the +1 prompt to add additional time in one minute increments. 

When the time has been started all users active on the Whiteboard will have visibility to the time counting down. The timer will also note who, within the system, started the timer. There is a small progress bar beneath the time, that also indicates time remaining. 


Pausing or Adding Time 

Any active user within the Whiteboard space will have the ability to pause the timer, by clicking the pause button located directly below the indicated remaining time. Any user, can also select the play button to resume the timer. 


Should there be a desire to edit the time, the same prompts for starting the timer can be utilized. You will be able to edit the time directly by keying in the desired numerals, or you can add minute increments by selecting the +1 prompt.


Stopping the timer 

The timer will continue to count down for time remaining. Within the final 10 seconds, the timer will begin to signal time audibly and will end automatically when the timer reaches zero time remains, again signaling the end of time audibly.

If there is a desire to end the session earlier, any user currently within the board, can select the stop button, and the timer will revert to the original time allotted of 3 minutes. 


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