How to remove a domain from your Brightidea site

Brightidea offers the ability to add up to 3 sub domains for your enterprise site, which can be configured in the System Setup > Site > Basic Info tab (see below).


To remove a domain, administrators can simply clear the inputs under "Domain Names" and click "Save Changes" button. However, before doing so, there are a several tasks that should be pursued.


STEP 1) Update the vanity URLs for your Communities and Initiatives

  • Each Community and Initiative has a vanity URL configured in the site setup > info tab. Administrators should check this area to ensure that the Vanity URL is NOT configured with the domain that will be removed from the system. To change the domain in the Vanity URL, click the dropdown as pictured below, select a domain that will be used moving forward, and click the "Save Changes" button.
    • Screen_Shot_2022-07-25_at_4.05.49_PM.png
    • Screen_Shot_2022-07-25_at_4.06.08_PM.png


STEP 2) Determine whether changes are needed to SSO configuration

  • Administrators are encouraged to reach out to their company's SSO team to determine whether changing the domain of the Brightidea software will impact SSO functionality. If so, administrators can work with their SSO team to follow the steps in the SSO Guide update SSO configuration.

STEP 3) Communicate to your users

  • Administrators are encouraged to communicate domain changes to users. Once a domain is removed, Brightidea software will no longer be accessible using the domain, and users may need to bookmark or save the new domain.
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