Fall 2022 Product Update

We are excited to announce the release of Brightidea Memo, the world’s first purpose-built software solution designed to harness the power of longform narrative memo writing. Memo is going to bridge the gap that exists between ideas and fully fundable business proposals for your teams. Big ideas by their nature are disruptive to normal business processes, and although almost all of our customers have game changing ideas being submitted to their innovation programs, very few of those opportunities make it into the company’s strategic roadmap without a way to bridge the gap between idea intake and funded proposals.

Brightidea Memo is an end-to-end solution that enables teams to take all of the ideas worthy for consideration, then develop them via longform narrative for evaluation, refinement, and investment using the same methodology that empowered Amazon to make the most impactful bets.


Let’s take a look at the features of Brightidea Memo:


Memo Team Sites

Brightidea Memo houses everything you need with regards to your Memo Program in your Memo Team Site. For Brightidea users, this will be very familiar territory and most of the experience will be similar to what you know and love from Brightidea.


Memo Team Site features:

  • Unlimited Memo users
  • Unlimited Memo creation
  • Unlimited Memo reviewers and contributors
  • Unlimited Memo administrators
  • Unlimited Memo Batches
  • Memo Userhome
  • Memo micro (Team) site
  • Brightidea Whiteboards


Multiplayer document creation

All the features of your favorite document creation apps, but with the power of Brightidea collaboration features. Collaborate and craft your memos with the help of your best and brightest teammates and SMEs. Assign tasks to other contributors and quickly pick up where you left off. 


Document creator features:

  • Track collaborator contributions at the document edit level
  • See who’s contributions moved the needle with X-Ray
  • Real-time multiplayer document creation
  • Commenting capabilities
  • Assign action items for reviews and editorial
  • Spelling and grammar check


AI Writing Assistant


Use our AI Writing Assistant to quickly generate your press release and FAQs.

The first step in Working Backwards is to start with a future press release of what your product or service would look like on launch day. This keeps customers top of mind and aligns value to what customers want. 

After the press release follows internal and external FAQs to help flesh out your ideas. But writing a press release can be daunting, especially if you have never done it. With the power of our AI Writing Assistant, your users can quickly craft a press release and FAQs from just an idea description.


AI Writing features:

  • Generate content in less than a second
  • Leverage decades of innovation knowledge
  • Applied contextuality from web based results
  • Natural language processing automatically applied
  • Ask questions and get responses from the writing assistant
  • Let the writing assistant pick up where you left off and continue writing

With the built in AI Writing Assistant your team can eliminate writer’s block and get your memos moving.


Best-in-class templates

Never created a strategic memo before? No problem, we have some of the best-in-class templates from companies like Amazon, Stripe and LinkedIn to help get you started quickly.


Templates included:

  • Press Release 
  • Executive summary 
  • External FAQs
  • Internal FAQs


Want more templates? Submit your template ideas to Customer IdeaSpace and we will get them into our backlog.


Structured workflows for Memo Batches 

Manage your end-to-end Memo Program with automated workflows for Memo Batches.

Staying organized is critical to the success of your Memo Program. With Brightidea you can leverage automated workflows to monitor and progress your memos along. Your Memo Team Site comes with a preconfigured workflow based upon best practices for running a Memo Program. Feel free to customize our out of the box workflow to meet your team’s process by adding fully configurable steps and stages or removing things that are not necessary.


Workflow features:

  • Unlimited Memo Batch setup
  • Best-in-class memo workflow template
  • Fully configurable steps and stages
  • Rules Engine automation
  • Assign action items
  • Assign reviewers
  • Webhooks and integrations


Memo reviews

A critical component of a Memo Program is review and feedback. Memos often require multiple rounds of review and feedback before they are ready for approval and funding. At Amazon, reviews are conducted in ‘silent meetings’ where reviewers sit down and read memos in silence before providing feedback to the authors. 

With Brightidea Memo you can conduct Amazon like ‘silent reviews’ from anywhere, which greatly expands the amount and diversity of feedback that the authors can obtain. You can assign review action items on the fly or as a part of your batch process so that you collect feedback whenever the author or Memo Program owner needs it.


Review features:

  • Request reviews on the fly
  • Two way commenting between reviewers and authors
  • Assign reviews as a formal action item in your Batch workflow
  • Aggregate feedback and scoring
  • Historical scoring to track improvement
  • Automation to progress memos that cross your review scoring thresholds


Using Smart Matrix to help score your memos 

Balancing qualitative and quantitative feedback is key in understanding business priorities. Don’t forget to use the Brightidea Whiteboard tool to help. From list view, steps, or top ideas, users can right-click and send the memos directly into the Whiteboard. 

Use the Smart Matrix feature to further evaluate and stack rank memos. These scores will be tracked and showcased directly in Top Ideas to help consider which Memo should be progressed within your planning cycle. 


Measure impact and track KPIs


Brightidea Memo comes loaded with robust reporting and analytics dashboards to track engagement, business impact, ROI and much more. Leave the guesswork out of your Memo Program. Know which memos and contributors are making the biggest impact at a glance and report on the success of your program to executives.


Dashboards include:

  • Employee Engagement
  • Heat Maps to track regional engagement
  • Business Impact Tracking
  • Projected Impact v. Actual Auditing


Use the documents tools that you’re comfortable with


We've also built a Brightidea browser extension so you can request and complete reviews within the document, syncing live with the Brightidea system Easily create a document with your preferred document editor directly in Brightidea for the whole team to locate and access, while still linking out to the native app. Use the browser extension to write memos, complete reviews, track progress, comment, collaborate and keep the data in sync with your Memo Team Site, regardless of where you prefer to work.

You can download the browser extension for Chrome here.


For more detail on the Memo App visit our Knowledge Base Article here.


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