Idea Boards 3.0

Idea Boards allow your End Users to review and scan through all Submissions that have been submitted into an Initiative! These Submissions are designed to provide enough detail in a card-sized image, while also having the ability to filter the list and locate specific groups of ideas. Let's see all the details below.


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Getting Started:

To enable, navigate to Site Setup > Ideas > Idea Boards and select 'Idea Boards 3.0'. Admins can also enable/disable various filter options that will be displayed to their End Users.


Setting Up Idea Board "Views"

There are 3 different views to digest ideas on Idea boards

  1. Gallery - Ideas are displayed as cards. Best used with idea images. 
  2. List - Ideas are displayed vertically. List view is designed for readability and skim-ability. 
  3. Steps - Display your backend workflow to your user base. 

To enable a view, check the associated checkbox. Make a "View" the default view by selecting the associated radio button. 


Note that "Gallery" view cannot be disabled.


List View Options

Select List from the View dropdown on the Idea Boards page to change from default view to list view.





Surface important pinned comments within the list view!


Display pinned inline comments by selecting Inline Pinned Comments under the "List View" section.



Steps View Options 

Surface your workflow by displaying stages and steps.


To display Stages check the Stages checkbox. To display Steps check the Steps checkbox. To display both, check both.



Setting Up Default Idea Image

There is an option for Admins to set a default image for Submissions, in the event that an idea Submitter chooses to not supply an idea image to be displayed on the Idea Board.

To set this up, Admins will navigate to Site Setup > Ideas > Ideas. Once there, the Admin can select 'Add Idea Image to Idea Submission Forms'.

A second section named 'Idea Image' will then be available (May need to Save changes and refresh page to see new section). Admins can select a default idea image by either dragging or dropping an image file into the gray window or selecting the window to upload. Please note that at this time the default idea image can only be either JPEG, GIF or PNG files



Once an image is dropped or selected, Admins must crop a square size image from the image uploaded. Drag the square around the image and select 'Save'.




The default image will then be displayed as a Preview. 



Select 'Save Changes' once the desired image is applied. Admins can edit this image at any time to update the default idea image for those ideas that neglected to choose their own.

There is an additional option of defaulting to category images instead of idea images. Read more about that option, here!

Submitting Ideas with New Idea Image

End-Users will be given the option to provide an idea image during the Submission process. The idea Submitter can choose to default to the idea image or choose their own image for their idea.

The idea Submitter can then drag or upload their image file, crop it, and submit it with their idea. Note: The minimum image size is 300x300px.


Viewing Ideas

As ideas are submitted, all Users can experience a more fluid experience by scrolling and scanning each idea. Users can view the Title, Description, Idea submitter, Vote count, and Comment count.

Note: If Admins wish to allow their Users to Vote on Submissions within Idea Boards, Admins can enable in Site Setup > Ideas > Idea Boards > (under Page Attributes) "New Idea Card Design" and "Voting on Idea Boards".



Filtering 'Idea Boards'

Within the Idea Board, Users have options to customize their view in various ways. Below are the current possibilities that each User can take advantage of.

Sort Tabs

To enable sorting, navigate to Site Setup > Ideas > Idea Boards. Once there, select any of the four 'Sort Tabs'.


Users will see the sort tabs laying across the top of the idea board horizontally. The user can select any of these sort tabs to quickly filter their Idea Board.


The user can leverage any of the following sort tabs:

  • Formula for administrator = # of Promotes + # of Demotes + # of Admin Comments
  • Formula for end-user = # of Promotes + # of Demotes + # of Comments
  • Random  = Random assortment of ideas
  • Recent = Filters ideas most recently submitted, most recent starting at the top going left to right
  • Active = Ideas filtered by number of views first and then counts number of comments and then votes.
  • Votes = Sorts ideas by the highest voted, descending.

If a User has scrolled far down the Idea Boards, there will be an up-arrow at the bottom-right of the screen that will bring Users back to the top of the list.


Changing View on Idea Board

By default, the Idea Board will be a Grid view. If users would like to change this view to a Steps View or List View, they may toggle the top-right buttons on the Idea Board screen.

For further detail on how to enable or disable this setting, please reference our Steps View and List View for End-Users article.

Advanced Filtering

All users have the option within the 'Idea Board 3.0' to conduct advanced filtering among the ideas within the Initiative.

To enable advanced Idea Boards options, navigate to Site Setup > Ideas > Idea Boards. Once there, select any of the following advanced filtering options - Search, Status, Stage, Category, Investment-to-date, Projected Revenue, Tags, Expertise Required, Additional Submission Questions*, My Favorites, My Votes, New To Me, My Submissions, My Evaluations, and My Subscriptions

Note*: For Additional Submission Questions, only Multiple-choice, Checkbox and Dropdown Submission Form Questions can be filtered on the Idea Boards.

After the Filter icon at the top left is selected, users can choose as many different pre-selectors to filter out ideas. Users can create their own unique combinations of filters to see which idea(s) meet their criteria.


When Users apply filtering option to the Idea Boards, the count of number of ideas that meets those requirements will update against the total amount of available ideas. Once the user selects their requirements, the page will automatically update to reflect the filter selections. 

The user is able to reset their filters by selecting 'Clear Filters' at the top left.


Important things to note:

  • Administrators cannot add other widget(s) to the idea board page.
  • Team Submission is not accommodated in Idea Boards.
  • The 'Idea Board' is only available on the 'View Ideas' page only - this cannot be added to any other page(s).
  • The 'Idea Board' cannot be label edited at this time.
  • Posting ideas cannot be done from this page, it must be included elsewhere (on another page or top navigation, or other)
  • Admin cannot change status, hide idea, in idea board view.
  • Only idea images will show in the idea board, not idea attachments.
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    Steve Healey

    List view has been a well received option on previous versions of idea boards by our users and challenge admins, any plans to bring this option back on idea boards 3?