How can I record Business Impact for my ideas?

Providing your innovation program's bottom line is critical.  Brightidea is excited to announce to our IPMs more opportunities to track both financial and non-financial business impact! Business impact can now be recorded directly on the View Idea 2.0 page, more specifics are below!



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Getting Started:

  • Once this option is enabled in Enterprise setup-->Ideas-->Ideas tab navigate to any idea page and select the "Business Impacttab:
  • To start, select the blue "Add Impact" button:

Adding Business Impact

  • Within this tab, the System / Site / Pipeline Administrator can calculate projected and actual impact associated with the idea.
  • Business impact includes:
    • Financial impact
    • Non-financial impact



  • Fill in financial impact by selecting/entering the following:
    • Start Date
    • Benefits (Projected and Actual)
      • Cost Avoidance
      • Cost Savings
      • Revenue
      • Other
    • Costs (Projected and Actual)
    • Attachments
    • Notes
  • Fill in non-financial impact by selecting/entering the following:
    • Benefits
      • Title
      • Type 
        • Brand Awareness
        • Customer Satisfaction
        • Employee Engagement
        • Social/Environmental Impact
        • Other
      • Start Date
      • End Date
    • Description
    • Attachments

  • Once the form data is filled in, finish by selecting "Save a New Version



    • The newly added business impact will be recorded on the view idea page:

Submitter Access to Business Impact

  • Administrators may also allow Submitters access by navigating to Site Setup > Ideas > Ideas.


  • With this setting enabled, users that submit ideas/projects will have the ability to view the Business Impact that has been set up with their submission.

Managing Business Impact:

  • Keep in mind - by default this tab is only visible to administrators, moderators and evaluators - however, if the option is enabled to allow submitter access, that will allow them to also view and edit.

Editing Business Impact

  • To edit business impact select "Update"



    • A history of business impact entries for that idea can be viewed at the top of the Business Impact tab

Deleting Business Impact

  • To delete business impact, select the 'trash' icon next to the benefit or cost:

Exporting Business Impact

  • The following columns can be added to the Pipeline Idea List using the 'gear' menu:
    • "Projected Net Benefit"
    • "Actual Benefits"
    • "Non-Financial Benefits"


  • Once the columns are added to the list view, run the export by selecting the green 'Excel' icon on the upper right.

Assigning Business Impact Action Items

  • Any development team members, when selected to edit idea attributes, can now enter projected and actual business impact via a development action item


  • The Administrator / Pipeline Moderator can add a new Development step in the Pipeline workflow to conduct this action:

    • Use development submission form question to ask if business impact is recorded... and the assignee can go to those areas and fill out business impact.
    • "Allow Assignees to Edit Idea Attributes" must be enabled.
    • The administrator can also create a custom email for the step so when the action item goes out, it reflects the assigned action:
  • When the assignee, gets the action item, the user can enter business impact for the idea assigned to them, while also choosing a development field question:

Command Center Dashboard

  • Business impact for all ideas will be reflected in the overall metrics in the Command Center main dashboard:
  • In this screen administrators can view Projected Net Benefit, Non-Financial Benefits, and Actual Benefits by individual Site, a selected group of Sites, or for all Sites.


Business Impact Dashboard

  • Administrators can view Financial Benefits Over Time and Financial Summary by Innovation.
    • Administrators can also export business impact from the Pipeline dashboard.


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