Brightidea Product Release Notes - December 6, 2017

Happy Holidays Innovators!

I know what you are thinking: How are you going to get your Christmas shopping done and find out what Brightidea released this week. The holidays! ugh! ..never enough time.

These updates took effect on Wednesday, December 6th, 2017. If you have received these release notes via email, this post may be truncated. To read complete documentation, please visit the Product Release Notes forum in the Brightidea Support Portal. Yep! Just like that!

Here are all the updates and improvements made:

Front End Initiative

  • We fixed a problem where tags were getting cut off based on navigating away from the page. Well don't worry, we got rid of that for good.
  • Made a little teeny tiny update where the Short URL will stay intact with Idea Boards 3.0.
  • Made some tweaks to Idea Boards for their mobile responsiveness capability.

Back End Pipeline Management

  • There was an issue where a 'Find Owner' action item would not fire when you returned a project in an Implementation step.
  • Did you know that when you copy your URL from the Pipeline Dashboard with filter parameters in it, the link will load with those filters reflected? Yep, that happens now!
  • Admins can now filter out submissions with both status and now categories that are not relevant to the information you wish to share on the Pipeline Dashboard.
  • We gave a facelift to the 'Overall' tab of the Pipeline dashboard - looking a lot prettier!
  • We also made updates to the hover on the 'Business Impact' dashboard - also pretty, but don't worry we don't pick favorites here.

Team Workspace

  • Teammate communications updates! Email notifications will fire when:
    • Updates are made to the Business Model canvas.
    • When a new teammate is added. 
  • Business Model is looking better and better every day!
    • We made some updates to some padding, buttons, and layout to make your Workspace the best it can be.

If you have any questions about these updates, please let us know. And stay tuned for more – our next release is scheduled for Wednesday, December 13th, 2017. I am so excited I cant help myself! Ok, deep breaths.

Happy Innovating and Happy Holidays!



Brightidea Product Team

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