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Create Jira issues directly from Brightidea submissions! Transfer ideas for project management and implementation, or link ideas to existing issues for improved cross-system tracking. To get started, follow the guide below.

Important Note:

  1. This feature is currently in Beta development. Please speak to your Customer Success Manager if you would like to enable this functionality.
  2. You will need administrator access in both Brightidea and Jira to complete the initial system setup.
  3. This KBA is for if you are on the Cloud version of Jira, if you are on the On-Premise Jira version, refer to this KBA for instructions. Login to your Atlassian account settings to determine Cloud vs On-Premise.


Enabling the Jira Integration in Your Activity

Once the option is enabled, the Jira integration can be enabled in any Activity.

As a System or Activity Admin, navigate in the desired Activity to Site Setup > Ideas > Integrations.

  •  and save
  • By default the integration will be made available to admins in the Activity. To also allow end-user participants to use the integration, select 

Using the Integration to Create and Link Jira Issues

After Jira has been successfully connected and enabled in an Activity, Admins will have two different approaches to creating or linking issues from submissions:

  1. Admin-only workflow from pipeline Steps or List views
  2. Admin or end-user workflow from the View Idea page, which requires additional configuration below

From either approach, the first time creating an issue or link, each user will be prompted to authorize with their Jira accounts:


Connecting to Jira through Pipeline Steps/List View 

From the Actions menu or on left click on the idea, admins will see two new options in List and Steps views: (a) Create a new Jira issue from a submission or (b) Link a submission to an existing Jira issue.


Simply select a Submission, choose Create or Link from the Actions menu, and follow the dialogs:




Connecting Jira through View Idea

Affiliates can use both View Idea 2 and View Idea 3 to display the Jira widget. The visibility of the widget will be determined by your configuration in the prior step: Enabling the Jira Integration in Your Activity.

  1. Navigate to View Idea for any idea in the activity
  2. Enable widget editor mode from the floating gear button
  3. Move and configure the widget as desired within the idea 
  4. Refresh the page, you should now see the widget load properly
    • If you are not authorized, you will be asked to do so  


  • Once authorized, you will see the the options to link or create an issue


  1. After an idea is created or linked, the user will see a rich view of Jira issues with the issue type, title, and status displayed in line:

Issues can be unlinked by hovering over the issue icon and clicking "unlink."


Jira Field 

Once an idea is created or linked in Jira, within the description field, there will be a link back to the idea within the system. In addition, you can add a custom field to the ticket form in Jira. 

To enable: 

  • User will need to be a Jira admin to access 
  • Navigate to the "Create Issue" screen in Jira
  • Edit the screen, and add the custom field "Brightidea Idea Link" 



After adding a Jira link is added to an idea, the submission exports will list the URL within a seperate column. 



If there is ever a reason or need to disconnect from your Jira instance, append /_jira2/logout to the URL within your Brightidea instance. This will log out you, and you will need to authenticate to use again. 



💪 Pro Tip: Reverse Backlog Integration  

Is your backlog getting out of control? Did you know you can automate deep backlog collection from Jira to Brightidea? All you need to do is configure your Jira backlog to submit incidents to your Brightidea initiatives via status automation for better prioritization, evaluation and grooming of your deep backlog. Watch below on how to do this!

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