Product Release Notes - February 15, 2023

It's time to celebrate! On February 15, 2022, we've released a slew of new features and improvements on Memo, Whiteboard, and the Brightidea Platform! It's the perfect Valentine's week surprise 💘 to show our appreciation for you and our products. Take a peek at the full Product Release Notes in the Support Portal for all the details.

And remember, love is all you need!

Note: This post may be shorter if you received release notes by email.


Features and improvements:

  • Jira integration: We've made linking ideas to Jira tickets easier with enhanced keyword, ticket number, and recently viewed ticket search capabilities.

Bug fixes:

  • Administrators can now remove evaluators from the Step Configuration.

  • Action Item views now correctly display screen names for the user field.


Features and improvements:

  • We enhanced the hotkeys on the Whiteboard feature to improve the user experience when selecting objects and navigating menus.

Bug fixes:

  • We fixed an issue where the hotkey of Command + A incorrectly selected all text in Chrome and Safari and the Whiteboard title in Firefox.


Features and improvements:

  • We improved the cross-platform functionality of Memo and Whiteboard linking by adding more actions available when you open a memo. Now when you add a Whiteboard share link, you can see a thumbnail, and you can hover over the thumbnail to see the More Actions icon.

  • We have added a new email notification system for Memo owners. When a new user views a Memo for the first time, the owner will receive an email identifying the user.

  • You can now submit action items from the preview modal on the View Idea page.

  • You can now complete reviews and action items for memos directly on the memo record.

  • When users navigate to their Memo from an email notification, the specific comment is shown in a selected state, calling more attention to the action.

  • Memo Content Editor
    • We removed the confirm and close buttons when editing the document title.
    • We improved the document title, font, border, and background color to change the text automatically.
    • We improved the Memo content editor's saving functionality.
    • Now, you can highlight a line of text and type a font size in the dropdown.

Bug fixes:

  • We only accept positive numbers or 0 for Memo Review due dates. 

  • Now, when you go to a Memo via email, the added comment is highlighted.

  • We fixed a bug where the wrong link was sent in the memo review reminder email.

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