Product Release Notes - February 22, 2023

Calling all innovators! We've just released several new features and improvements to Memo, Whiteboard, and the Brightidea Platform. You won't want to miss out on these updates, so take a look at the full Product Release Notes in the Support Portal for all the details.

Note: This post may be shorter if you received release notes by email.


Bug fixes:

  • We fixed an issue in which disabling the "Available for All Initiatives" option for Scorecard templates would leave the template field blank and un-editable for Scorecard Steps in other initiatives. Now, Steps in other initiatives using a shared Scorecard will remain unaffected.
  • We fixed an issue in which, when removing an evaluator from a submission using the "Update Assignees" feature, the removed evaluator would still receive action items for that submission. Now, when removing an evaluator from a submission, their action item is canceled, and will not be reassigned unless reopened by an administrator.

  • Fixed a bug guaranteeing proper action item assignment notifications after idea reassignment.

Features and improvements:

  • User Experience Enhancement and Functionality for Scorecard Templates Setup in the Pipeline Configuration. 

    • Function: Scorecard Template Setup Steps are now more informative and have enhanced controls across different pipelines. 

    • Setup: We've added a new modal popup when disabling the "Available for all Initiatives" option for Scorecard Templates. This modal popup will confirm that the template remains available for existing steps and action items and unavailable for new steps.

  • We've updated the warning and confirmation messages that appear when deleting Initiative-level statuses. They now display the number of submissions associated with the select statuses, and allow migration to a new status before deletion.

  • 508 Compliance: We have added an ARIA label or alert to the Registration page to make error messages more accessible for screen reader users.

  • Design System Updates: We updated the primary button component in our design system to show focus states when using keyboard tabbing for accessibility. Focus states will only be activated when using keyboard tabbing and will no longer remain after clicking the button.


Features and improvements:

  • We improved the Memo editor, so the toolbar is centered with the page/sheet while preserving the existing responsive rules.

  • We improved the Memo Editor so that you can now reply to resolved comments from the "All Comments" dropdown, in addition to open comments. 

  • For Memo editing, we set a default owner for memos so that people who create memos will automatically be assigned as the owner. 

  • We updated the Memo Login panel on the browser extension.


Bug fixes:

  • We fixed an inconsistency with the set opacity function.

  • We fixed an issue where, when entering a negative value (-) in the rotation field, it would default to 090.

  • Fixed an issue where the File Icon was not following style guidelines. 


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