Product Release Notes - March 8, 2023

Yep, it's that time of the week when we share all the fun things we've been working on! Here are the most recent product updates for March 8, 2023!

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Features and Improvements:

  • Jira integration: When using our Jira Cloud integration, we have added the ability to pass a custom field in your Jira instance ticket 'screen' to link back to the Brightidea record for ease of access.

Bug fixes:

  • Brightidea and Slack integration: We fixed an issue with Slack where it sometimes caused an "Invalid Permissions Requested" error when attempting to install the Brightidea Integration.
  • Idea Submission Form: Fixed a bug where sometimes submission form questions would not display correctly on View Idea 2.0.
  • View Idea 2.0: We fixed an issue that sometimes prevented users from uploading videos to the idea through the Idea Submission Form.


Features and improvements:

  • On the Whiteboard, we added the ability to add Bullets/Numbers to a Text Box without needing a text character.


Features and improvements:

  • Memo Top Ideas UI Improvements: Updated several design components, including view options to display at various densities. 
  • Memo Permissions / Ownership: Now, we assign the person who creates a memo from an existing idea as the memo owner; even if the record does not have an owner, these changes apply retroactively.
  • Memo Content Editor / Multi-user commenting function: We improved the Memo Comment feature to better handle comments on the same text block.
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