Brightidea for Microsoft Teams

Brightidea can be integrated with Microsoft Teams in a few different ways:

  • Capture ideas directly in Microsoft Teams using the app
  • Post rich updates to Teams using the Rules Engine
  • Embed recordings hosted in Microsoft Stream in idea details

Read on to find out what is right for you and your organization!

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Brightidea for Teams App

Note: The Teams app is currently pending review with Microsoft to be posted in the app store. In the meantime, we are making the app available for standalone installation. See instructions here: Standalone Installation for Microsoft Teams App

Brightidea offers an official app for Microsoft Teams that can be accessed from the app catalog within Teams, or online from Microsoft AppSource.

The Teams app is designed to help you quickly save ideas directly from Teams conversations without leaving the chat. Ideas can be saved from channel messages, replies, or private chats.

With the app you will be able to:

  • Capture ideas directly from messages in Teams
  • Add idea details and attachments from Teams
  • Establish a link from submitted ideas back to original conversations
  • Preview ideas from their URLs in Teams chats
  • Admin-only: submit ideas on behalf of other users from their messages
  • Admin-only: create accounts for unregistered users via submission process


Note: The Teams app is currently pending review with Microsoft to be posted in the app store. In the meantime, we are making the app available for standalone installation. See instructions here: Standalone Installation for Microsoft Teams App

  • Search the app gallery for "Brightidea" and click the card for app details


  • From the app details screen, review the app capabilities and permissions, then click the "Add" button to install the app to your Teams instance


  • The app will be installed and the Brightidea bot will immediately send you a welcome message

Logging into the Teams App

You must have a Brightidea account to use the main functionality of the app. The first step is to log into your account. 

There is also an optional step for admins to log into Microsoft Graph in order to access details about other users in order to submit on their behalf. 

  • If you are not continuing directly from the installation steps above, navigate to the "Chat" tab in Teams, and find the Brightidea bot chat
  • From the welcome message, click "Log in"
    • If you can't find this message simply send a chat to the bot, "Log in"


  • Now you will be prompted to login into Brightidea and select an affiliate to connect to


  • Once you are successfully logged into Brightidea, the bot will send a message to optionally log into Microsoft Graph
    • Access to Graph allows the app to match users between Teams and Brightidea
    • This secondary sign in is necessary & recommended for Brightidea administrators to submit on behalf of other users


  • Log out at any time by sending a chat to the bot, "Log out"
  • Log in at any time by sending a chat to the bot, "Log in"
  • View help tips and instructions by sending a chat to the bot, "Help"
  • Review the welcome message by sending a chat to the bot, "Welcome"
  • Microsoft Graph may require administrator approval depending on organization policies (see special instructions below)

Using the Teams App

The Brightidea app is accessed directly from the message you want to submit as an idea.

  • From any message, hover & click the ellipsis button for the menu, then select More Actions > Send to Brightidea


  • You will be prompted to select an activity to submit the idea to
    • The list of available activities will be based on your administrative and general access in Brightidea
    • If only a single activity is available, you will be automatically progressed to the next screen


  • Click "Next"

From the submission form:

  • Choose from the selected activity's available categories (required)
  • Enter a short but descriptive title for the idea (required)
  • The description will be automatically pulled from the selected message, and can be edited if needed from this screen (required)
  • If the message contains any attachments or images, those will be shown at the bottom of the form and can optionally be included as links on the submission
    • The attachments will still be hosted by Microsoft and thus permission-enforced
    • A link to each attachment will be appended to the idea description


  • Click "Submit"
  • Once the idea is submitted, a confirmation card will be inserted as a reply to the original message, but will not be automatically sent
    • Click the "Send" button or hit "Enter" to share the confirmation card with team members
    • Hit "Backspace" or "Delete" to remove the confirmation card

In Brightidea:

  • Attachments will be listed by their file name and linked in the description of the submitted idea
  • The description will also contain a link back to the original Teams chat


With the app installed, pasting a link to an idea in the "compose message" area will automatically insert a rich preview.

  • The card can be removed by clicking the "X" icon



Using Administrator Features

As a Brightidea admin, the app will give you access to additional functionality. You must sign into Graph to access the features below.

Submit on Behalf

  • From another user's message click More Actions > Send to Brightidea
  • After selecting an activity, you will be able to submit either from your account on on the author's behalf


  • Accounts will be matched based on the email address the author is using in Teams (this is why Graph access is needed)
  • When submitting on behalf of users, the "new idea submitted" emails will be sent according to pipeline setup, so submitters may be notified outside of Teams

Unregistered Submission

  • If the submit-on-behalf user does not yet have an account in Brightidea, it will be automatically created when the idea is submitted

Notes on Microsoft Graph

  • Microsoft Graph is the gateway that allows the Brightidea app to access data from Microsoft 365, including user information such as name and email
  • At this time, the Brightidea app uses the Graph connection to enable admins to "submit on behalf" of other users by attempting to match their email address between the two services
  • Depending on your organization's policies:
    • Access to Graph by employees or 3rd party apps may be disabled
    • The first user to access Graph through the Brightidea app may be prompted to request admin approval 
    • Admins may grant permission and approval through their Azure AD v2 portal if they are not notified directly


Other Ways to Integrate Brightidea with Teams

Using Webhooks and Rules to Post to Teams

The "HTTP Request" rule action can be paired with an "Incoming Webhook" connector in Teams to automatically post updates to Teams when certain triggers & conditions are satisfied in Brightidea.

See HTTP Requests with Rules Engine (AKA Outgoing Webhooks) for detailed setup instructions.

For example, you may want to post to a Teams channel when:

  • New ideas are submitted
  • Ideas are selected for implementation (or any other status)
  • Ideas become stale (too long without a status change)
  • New comments or votes are received






Embedding Microsoft Streams Videos

Microsoft Stream videos and recordings can be embedded in the idea description.

  • In Streams, copy the embed code



  • In Brightidea, edit the idea description and click the "Video" button in the editor
  • Paste the embed code in the popup and click "insert"
  • You will see a preview of the video
  • Click save



See Embedding external videos on View Idea page for more details on this feature. 


Important Things to Know

  • Coordinating with your Microsoft IT admin(s) will make for a smooth app installation experience 
    • Installation of Teams apps may be disabled by organization policies & permissions
    • Teams apps and related policies are managed by IT admins in the Microsoft Teams admin center 


  • Using administrator features in the Teams app requires authentication with Microsoft Graph. Graph access may be limited or prevented by organization policies, so request approval through the sign in flow and/or contact your Microsoft administrator for details
    • If approval cannot be granted you will be limited to submitting ideas from your own account. You can then reassign the submitter in Brightidea if necessary
  • In the Teams app, when submitting on behalf of an unregistered user, a new account will be created during the submission process
  • It is best to consult Microsoft documentation and support for installing the app for other users
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