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The Top Ideas interface allows admins to surface the best ideas at a glance via several different criteria such as; top rated from evaluations, most popular, most active, and even those with the most merit.

Aimed at increasing ease of discoverability and speed of surfacing the best possible ideas, Top Ideas is a game-changer for all idea managers. Finding the ideas with the most merit and choosing the right things to work on has always been difficult, especially when you receive hundreds or even thousands of ideas and feedback from so many different sources. This feature cuts through the noise allowing you more time to work on the ideas that will have the most impact and let the best ideas win.


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Top Ideas is on by default for the following apps:

  • Idea Box
  • Memo
  • Hack
  • Pitch
  • Incubate

To enable (or disable) Top Ideas, navigate to the Top Ideas tab in Site Setup > Ideas > Top Ideas

Toggle on/off "Top Ideas by Category" and select Save Changes.



Top Ideas by Category

Top Ideas by Category is a view that populates the page by category, so categories are needed for the page to function.




Select one or more ideas and take action on them.

  • Drag from one category column and drop in another to change categories
  • Right click and update attributes such as Category, Status and Tags




Use the top toolbar to manipulate the data and configure your page settings. Settings are saved on a user/initiative basis. These may differ slightly depending on the app you are using.



Sort / Filter

Sort and filter your columns based off different variables.


  • Meritology - sorts based off our proprietary algorithm.
  • Votes - sorts off most votes
  • Active - active ideas
  • Single Scale - sorts by top single scale scores. (Can sort by different rounds)
  • Scorecard - sorts by top scorecard scores. (Can sort by different rounds)
  • Memo Review Results - sorts by top score in a Review Round (Memo only)




Filter will populate based off filter settings in Site Setup > Idea Boards subtab


Quick Add

Add ideas on the fly using Quick Add. All ideas added from the Quick add feature will be placed in a "Quick Add" column.



Configuration Menu

Settings are saved on a per initiative/user basis.


Choose a preferred density to digest your data

  • Advanced - larger columns and idea cards.
  • Simple - smaller columns and idea cards. Fewer card display options are on.


Toggle the following attributes ON or OFF depending on the type of ideas that are submitted.

  • Code
  • Image
  • Score
  • Status
  • Stage
  • Step
  • Owner
  • Action Items


  • Dark Mode
  • My Lists
  • Show Empty Columns

Sharing a Filtered View

When a sort or filter is applied in Top Ideas, the URL will update. This URL can be copied and shared with other users to view the same combination of filters/sorts.

My Lists

Lists are collections of ideas. Lists are cross initiatives (meaning you can place ideas from different initiative in one list).

Currently, you cannot take action on ideas in a list within an initiative you are not in context of. (e.g. I'm in initiative A, I have ideas from Initiative B. I cannot take action on ideas from Initiative B if I'm not inside Initiative B )


List Toggling and Creation

Lists can be toggled using the "My Lists" button in the toolbar or using the hot key "Cmd + /" or "Control + /"

Create, manage and reorder your "Lists" on the left "wing".



Once a "List" is created, drag and drop ideas from the Category columns, into your "List" on the right "wing".



Send your ideas to Jira (if enabled) or create a Team Workspace through the right click menu.




We're always looking to make our product better so we'd love your feedback! Please submit feature enhancement requests to our idea portal; Idea Space 

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