Product Release Notes - April 12, 2023


Updates for Brightidea, Brightidea Memo, and Whiteboard.

Hello Brightidea users! We are happy to share a series of continued updates across our suite of products, including Brightidea, Brightidea Memo, and Brightidea Whiteboard. 

In this release, we continue to focus on enhancing the user interface, adding new features, and fixing bugs across all three platforms. Helping your innovation process be smoother, more efficient, and more enjoyable.

For the full documentation visit the Product Release Notes forum in our Support Portal.


✨ Features and Improvements:

  • 508 compliance: Added labels to the registration page form fields so new users know what each form is for.
  • We improved the View Idea 3 widget edit UI, fixing an issue where the save and cancel buttons were misaligned.

🪲 Bug Fixes:

  • 508 compliance: We improved the accessibility of our rich text editor buttons by adding a focus state on areas where the user submits ideas.
  • We fixed an issue where the submission name field incorrectly displayed the name of the Idea instead of the name set in the ideas section of site setup. If the field is blank, it should be displayed as an "Idea."
  • Fixed a bug where existing user skills weren't showing up as existing skills in the View Idea 3.0 page dropdown.
  • We fixed an issue on the user home page where the text in the activity feed would overlap when reducing the browser window's width.
  • We fixed a bug where there was an overlap in the widget edit UI when hovering over the expertise widget.


✨ Features and Improvements:

  • You can now quickly share a link to a specific object or location in the Whiteboard by using the keyboard shortcut "Cmd + K."
  • On Whiteboard, we improved the panning speed when user's drag an object to the end of their canvas.
  • On Whiteboard, we improved the preview when selecting and dragging an object onto the canvas to better match the options added to the canvas.
  • We improved the Whiteboard selection handles by updating the padding on when users interact with objects, specifically when the cursor shifts from resize to rotate.
  • Updated the "Send to Smart Matrix" modal title.
  • We improved the Whiteboard feature in Zoom by making sure the user's selection on objects was maintained when interaction with "-/+" zoom options.
  • We improved the Whiteboard Selection tool's cursor icons so they tell you if an object can be manipulated at higher levels of zoom.

🪲 Bug fixes:

  • We fixed an issue where auto-zoom to fit wasn't working when a template is initially added to a Whiteboard.
  • On the Whiteboard, fixed a bug where the enter text box wouldn't delete automatically after the text was removed from the field.
  • We fixed an issue where shapes and stickies placed after page load were not located where the user's cursor was.


✨ Features and Improvements:

  • On the Memo page, we've updated the filters section so that it now shows the owner's display name, including their first and last name if applicable.

🪲 Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where hyperlinks wouldn't take users to the linked URL when clicked in the Memo Collab Editor.






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