Creating a Memo

Creating a Memo in Brightidea editor

Creating from Userhome 

  • Memos can be created from several places in the Brightidea system. One is within the /userhome/memos page. 
  • By clicking on the "Create Memo" button in the upper left of the page, the user will be launched directly into the Brightidea Collaborative Editor 
  • The dropdown option next to the "Create Memo" button will give users additional options to create a memo using the following options:
    • Brightidea Collaborative Editor
    • Google Docs
    • OneDrive
    • As a note, details on the third-party editor options can be found below 

creating a memo 1.png

  • Memos can be created either blank, or using a pre-formatted template for common types of memos
  • When a new memo is created, it will be private by default, and not submitted to any batch/pipeline
  • For private memos, users have access to all editing functionality and can invite other users to collaborate, however they cannot request Memo Reviews for evaluation

Creating a Memo with third-party documents

  • Information related to using third-party documents can be found here.
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