Viewing Results from a Memo Review

Viewing Results from a Memo Review 

  • After assigning a Memo Review, authors and administrators can track, manage, and view the results of their Memo Review request
  • To view the results of your Memo Review request, select “Review Results” from the Brightidea Collaborative Editor or Memo Record View
    • This will display a list of all rounds of Memo Review that have been requested
    • Please not that at this time, Memo Review Results are not accessible from third-party editors; they can be viewed from the Memo Record view

Viewing Results 1.png

  • Selecting a specific round will open the Review Results popup.

Viewing Results 2.png

  • At the top you can see KPIs for an at-a-glance overview of the Memo Review round, such as overall score, the number of completed/assigned Reviews, and how the current score compares to the previous round.
  • The popup is split into two tabs:
    • Results Summary: A detailed breakdown of the Memo Review score, including the score for each question, broken down into individual Reviewer scores. The breakdown can further be filtered to specific Reviewers.
    • Review Information: This provides the basic information about the Memo Review round, including who completed their action items, date assigned and date due, template used, etc.
  • The Memo Review round can also be edited from the Review Results popup; selecting “Configure Review” will display the configuration settings for the Memo Review
    • Reviewers can be added or removed, due dates can be changed, and reminders can be configured
      • Please note that the Memo Review template cannot be changed once assigned
    • The entire round can also be deleted; this will permanently delete all action items assigned for the round
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