Completing a Memo Review

Completing a Memo Review 

  • Once a user has been assigned a review, they will receive in-app and email notifications. 
  • All notifications will send them directly into the memo app, where they will see the button up in the top toolbar adjust to "Complete Review"

Completing review 1.png

  • The user will be able to complete the review directly within the memo document. 
  • They can use the sliders to adjust the questions, and can also add a comment next to each question, should they like to provide additional information per question.
  • Once the scorecard has been filled out and submitted the user will see a confirmation toast, the top toolbar will change to "My Reviews" and the submission will now show under the completed tab in the My Reviews panel.

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Third-party Documents

For information related to requesting a review with a third-party document, see Working with Third-Party Documents

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