Requesting a Memo Review

Requesting a Memo Review from the Collaborative Editor

  • Once a document is within a batch, the user will be able to complete the review request prompt. This will be found in the top bar of the document.
    • As a note, this can happen at any time throughout the process of writing your memo, it does not need to happen at a specific stage or step.  This can also be requested by the owner or site admin.

Requesting review 1.png

  • Once the user selects "Request Review" they will see a drop-down showing prompts for the user to submit. Prompts include: 
    • Select Reviewers - this will populate from a list of registered users in the system
    • Note to Reviewer(s) - this is a customizable note that the requester can send to the reviewers. 
    • Send email alert - prompt to select if the users should receive an email message

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  • The user can select "View Advanced Settings" to see additional settings to control when requesting a review. These additional prompts and settings include: 
    • Round name - ability to change or customize the round name, this is shown when viewing all summary results 
    • Review Template - user can select a specific template or go to template editor to see the various memo review options 
    • Due Date - adjust when the action item will be due by the requested reviewer 
    • Remind - option to enable or disable the reminder emails that are sent if users have not accessed and completed their Memo Reviews after a certain number of days

Requesting review 3.png

  • Once the user hits "Assign Review" then the action item assignments and notifications will go out to the requested users
  • The user will also see a confirmation and see the top review button adjust to "Review Results"

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Third-party Documents

For information related to requesting a review with a third-party document, see Working with Third-Party Documents

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