Commenting within a Memo Document


  • Comments are entered in real-time in the Brightidea editor. Any comments made by other users that have access to the Memo will be displayed immediately
  • To add a comment, users can highlight text, which will display the comment icon, or can click on the comment icon in the main toolbar


  • Once the comment icon is selected, a comment prompt will pop up. User can then add their comment, tag a user, or assign the comment to another user
  • Once posted, comments can be managed by selecting the three dots in the upper right corner of the comment. This provides options to edit the comment, delete the comment, generate a link to the memo document, or, if assigned to the comment, mark it as complete/resolved

Tagging a user 

  • Within a comment, users can search for and tag each other by adding the '@' sign


  • User tags will then remain persistent within the comment, and send the tagged user a notification with an invitation to the memo
  • As a note, a user needs to have a registered account in the system in order to tag; if not in the system, they will need to be added, and complete their registration

Assigning a comment 

  • When a user is tagged in a comment, there will be a prompt to assign the comment to them. If more than one user is tagged in a comment, the author of the comment will need to choose who the assignment should go to


  • Once a comment is assigned, the user will receive a notification with a link to the comment and document
  • Assigned comments will also have a top banner indicating who it was assigned to


  • Any user can add a reply or reassign the comment, or they can mark the comment as resolved 

View All and Filters 

  • Within the top toolbar, users can select the comment icon to see all comments within the document. 
  • This shows all comments that are open, assigned to them, and resolved. 
  • Users can click the top filter button to limit the view within this screen.



Further information related to the Review Process can be found here.


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