Sharing a Memo Document

Sharing a Memo Document 

  • The memo Share popup is similar to most Share options within the Brightidea platform, with additional permission levels:
    • Can View - View only access to the document
    • Can Edit - Has full view and editing access
    • Can Comment - Can view and make comments on the document, but cannot edit
  • Memos can also be shared via link from the bottom of the Share popup. This link can also be configured to give users one of the above permissions link
    • As a note, if users access the memo using a permissioned link, but have a higher permission assigned to them, they will access with the higher permission (e.g. if assigned as an editor but accessing through a "Can View" link, they will still see the editor view)

sharing memo 1.png


Information related to the Review Process can be found here.

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