Private vs. Batched Memos

Private vs. Batched Memos and Submitting a Memo to a Batch

  • As mentioned, if a memo is created on Userhome, it will be private by default. If created within the initiative, it will be part of the batch
  • Private memos:
    • Are great to utilize if you're not ready to submit and may want to collaborate with a few team members before submitting.
    • All Brightidea editor functionality within a private memo will work, with the exception of requesting a Memo Review and completing a Review, which are only available memos within a batch 
  • Batched memos:
    • Again, all functionality is the same, with the added ability to request a review
    • Being within a batch means it is now officially submitted within the team's workflow
  • When ready, private memos can be sent to a batch. This can be done from the top toolbar, where it notes a button to "Send to Batch" 
  • Once selected, a popup will appear, with a list of all Memo batches the user has access to. They can select the appropriate batch to send it to

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