AI Writing

The AI writing capabilities are an amazing asset to help when you need help crafting the next line, or need additional fodder to the information you are capturing. At Brightidea, we use OpenAI for our AI capabilities, read through their safety standards here. 

  • To engage in AI writing, select the robot icon from the toolbar
  • This will display the AI Writing bar below the toolbar
  • Simply add some content in the document for the AI bot to understand, and once you're ready, hit the "Write for me" button
  • This prompt can be selected multiple times in one document, and in a row 
  • Content inserted by the AI bot will be purple, but all font stylings can be adjusted after injection 
  • There is also a hotkey to populate content: ⌘ + Option + Shift + w

AI writing 1.png

Note: AI writing can be turned off in System Setup > Ideas > Memo > AI Writing.

Policies and FAQ

Please see Brightidea and AI Policies.


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