Product Release Notes - May 10, 2023

🌟 We're excited to share this week's release notes for Brightidea! Our team is committed to continually improving the user experience and addressing any issues that arise. This week's update features enhancements and bug fixes, designed to simplify and streamline your workflow. We are keeping it light this week, in preparation for our broader enhancements to be rolled into quarterly, Summer 2023 release. 

Check out the Product Release Notes to get all the details!


Feature improvements:

  • Email notifications will now include a preview of the Whiteboard
  • Updated bullet behavior to create a bullet list line automatically when users create a new line between bullets within Whiteboard 
  • Enhanced the Whiteboard marker tool's functionality, making it easier to select, drag, move, group, and resize objects created with the tool
  • Improved the text box auto-sizing responsive function in Whiteboard, making it closely follow user actions when adding or deleting text within the box
  • Improved image preview thumbnail visibility and legibility in email notifications for Windows Outlook app users for Memo notifications. 
  • Memo pipelines created in Apps v2 will now have the Idea Owner pre-selected by default.


  • Fixed issues with Whiteboard Text Scaling/Resizing using the Cmd + K hotkey function.
  • Resolved a problem that caused the Whiteboard's Text Box's bottom bounding box to expand unpredictably when users decreased the text font size.
  • Addressed an issue where users were not redirected to the login page when their Whiteboard session expired.
  • Resolved a bug that prevented access to other license roles from the pipeline list when duplicating licensing.
  • Fixed a bug in the Memo third-party Browser Extension, where the option to request a review was missing.
  • Addressed an issue in the Memo third-party Browser Extension, where the logged-out confirmation message was not appearing when users logged out.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from being able to outdent lists in Memo docs.




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