Product Release Notes - May 24, 2023

In this week's Brightidea Cloud updates, we're hyper focused on enhancing your user experience and workflow as we continue work on new features in our Summer 2023 update. 

Check out the complete list of Product Release Notes here.


Feature improvements:

  • In Memo, Top Ideas, when customers filter and sort, the URL will be saved, allowing users to bookmark and share their predefined options.
  • Improved the user interface of Zoom within Whiteboard, including additional hotkey work. 
  • We've enhanced Whiteboard's text box behavior to allow users to undo the auto bullet creation that is done when the user types dash + space.
  • We've added an alert in all views where users can send ideas to a Whiteboard (list, top ideas, steps) to notify users when they've reached the maximum limit (150 ideas) that can be sent with a single action.
  • We've updated image upload capabilities to consider browser width/height limits and appropriately fit images within a Whiteboard.
  • We've Improved image uploads across Brightidea with user alerts:
    • Non-image files in the "Choose image" tab will show an "Invalid file type. Please use a valid image file (.png, .jpg, .gif, .svg)" message.
    • Uploading an image exceeding the file size limit set by the administrator will display a "File size exceeds limit (XMB)" message.
    • Setting an Unsplash image that exceeds the file size limit will show a "File size exceeds limit (XMB)" message.


  • Fixed an issue where the progress bar was not functioning correctly in the card view for Memo Top Ideas.
  • Resolved a bug in Whiteboard that caused pasting text in a text field within a modal (e.g., smart matrix settings) to create a text item in the background.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed users who were previously admins to retain additional dropdown options in the Pipeline after being assigned an Analyst role.
  • Addressed an issue in View Idea 3 where image previews were not adjusting to the image cropping function.
  • Resolved an issue where an idea viewed in View Idea 3 did not appear in the Recently Viewed List dropdown search bar.
  • Fixed a bug in the Duplicate Initiative Widget that caused the New initiative to display an Unknown error.
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