Product Release Notes - May 31, 2023


Introducing the latest release of Brightidea. You can now access a search field in the Step Manage view, see updated alt text, and enjoy improved labeling in the View Idea 3.0 form builder, among other upgrades. Our goal is to continually enhance your experience and equip you with robust resources to foster innovation.


Features and Improvements:

  • We adjusted alt text for submissions, comments, and unique visitor counts in the user home/activities page activity thumbnails.
  • We added a search field to the Step Manage view, which allows admins and moderators to search by Title, Code, and other criteria in the same manner as doing a search on the Steps/List view.
  • We improved the label on the Development Fields section to say "View and Edit Permissions" if the editable development field feature flag is turned on in the View Idea 3.0 form builder.
  • We updated the delete warning for View Idea 3.0 submissions so that admins and moderators can better understand the effects of deleting a submission. This includes a confirmation modal popup with a title and description and a checkbox to confirm their choice to delete.
  • We've updated the idea code container on Stickies within Whiteboards to make sure it adjusts its size automatically depending on the text and idea code character length.

Bug Fixes:

  • We fixed an issue where the Phase widget in the Optimize Challenge was not appropriately centered.
  • We optimized the Top Ideas page to load only once when the Clear Filters button is clicked.
  • Fixed an issue where thumbnails weren't appearing in memo notification emails if a document hadn't been edited.

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