Summer 2023 Product Update

It looks like 2023 is shaping up to be an Endless Summer of disruption. In the past few months, we have seen world-shaking announcements in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), Healthcare, Energy, and Fintech/Crypto. And this is just a few of the 10 Disruptive Waves we highlighted for organizations to monitor back in 2018.


This release is designed with our customer’s needs at the forefront. We’ve been hard at work, striving to provide you with the tools you need to not just ride, but master, the waves of disruption, because innovation is too important to be left to chance.


Below is a summary of features, and we invite you to dive deeper into the details of our summer release by visiting our release blog.


Better Tools to Help You Manage Your Pipeline

  • In the “Update Assignees…”modal, when removing evaluators that have open or completed action items, average scores will now be updated to reflect changes and action items will show as canceled, instead of deleted.
  • Updates to the designs for the edit and configuration modals for action items to better surface critical data.
  • An enhanced rule engine UI in addition to several new rule capabilities and conditions including, but not limited to, creating a new team workspace to events triggered from the stage the idea is in.
  • Ability to quickly duplicate steps allowing you to copy action item assignees, templates, due dates, notifications, and evaluation results.
  • The ability to export site and system setting logs to track changes made by users and the date the changes were made.
Chips Voting: Support for Multiple Rounds
  • Admins can now do a reset, which will reallocate the votes back to employees and remove all chips or votes from the individual records. When doing this, the system will retain a history of the original allocation, which will be available within the voting export.

AI: Even More Ways to Brainstorm & Develop Ideas

  • AI is now embedded in the submission form. Use it to help generate a description right from your title, build out the maturity of your idea, update grammar and spelling, and add a summary.
  • Utilize the companion AI within Whiteboard, by providing a specific prompt and task, then watch the ideas generate into stickies for your team to build off, interact with, score, and more.
  • And finally, we now have the ability to surface AI-generated images in the platform in common areas from the initiative homepage to idea record images. (CER24937)

Whiteboard: Create Custom Templates, Sharing, and Export Updates

A Few More Odds and Ends…

  • Continued work against View Idea 3.0, to update the functionality of our record view across all applications.
  • Incremental updates to the people pillar and licenses pages, surfacing all license types and last logins.
  • And finally, we closed nearly 100 bugs in our backlog stretching across our entire platform working on anything from image and video upload enhancements to 508 compliance work.


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