Product Release Notes - June 21, 2023

We're excited to share the latest updates and features released in our product. This week, we added new features to save time and improve your workflow. Additionally, we made improvements to existing features to make sure your experience is smoother and more efficient.

Features and improvements:

  • On Brightidea, we updated the Setup Options Tracking feature with improvements for both System and Initiative levels.
    • We updated the green export button to a standard outline button.
    • We removed the sub-header below the border.
    • We updated the label for the Customer Beta toggle to "Settings Logs."
  • We added an option that grants the ability to enable or disable attachments when using commenting 2.0.
  • We've added the ability to disable the Linked Submission field option when the Development Field is checked.
  • We added a new column for "Last Login Date" to the export feature on the User page, to give System Admins better visibility into user activity.
  • Added an AI loading message when users are waiting for more than 5 seconds for AI-generated images to appear in the Generate Image selection.
  • Improved multi-user activity in Whiteboard. Now, if multiple users select the same object, they can both make edits to the object.
  • Completed several updates around the Whiteboard AI functionality, including adding a hotkey, UI updates to the modal, and updating the default settings.
  • We updated the "Send to pipeline..." feature on Whiteboard so that multiple Stickies will now have an Idea ID added instantaneously.

Bug fixes:

  • We fixed an issue with the BrightIdea Engagement Dashboard, where All Time data was not being properly displayed in the graphs and the "Participation by Activity" section.
  • Fixed an issue on Brightidea's Memo Review Results modal where the scores for the "Filter by Reviewer" checkboxes were wrapping to the next line and not vertically aligned with the reviewer name and profile image.
  • We fixed an issue where the edited subject and email field values from the Find Owner configuration were not showing up when the "Step Configuration Popup Updates" toggle was disabled in the System Setup tab and then re-enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where some Admins were unable to save changes to the Implementation step.
  • We fixed a bug with the Brightidea AI Submission Form where additional prompts were not showing when the text was highlighted.
  • We investigated and resolved an issue that caused images to not load on the Whiteboard canvas due to an S3 authentication token timeout.
  • We fixed a bug in Whiteboard, where a sticky would jump down to its minimum size when resizing, causing text to fall outside the sticky.
  • We fixed an issue in Whiteboard where attempting to print an empty whiteboard to a PDF caused an error to appear.

For access to previous release notes and product documentation, please visit the Product Release Notes located in the Support Portal.

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  • Avatar
    Dugdale Dugdale

    What does this mean:

    We added an option that grants the ability to enable or disable attachments when using commenting 2.0.

  • Avatar
    Katlin Arps (BI)

    Hi there, we have added the ability to enable or disable attachments when using commenting 2.0, which is a direct response to:

    We do have this behind a beta toggle on our end, which we will auto-enable across the entire Brightidea platform in the coming week. I know we have already been in contact with your sites. And for anyone else who would like immediate access, please contact your customer success manager.